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>I forgot to tell you all what I made for dinner for my family on Valentine’s Day.  I did roast a chicken, because its one meal they ALL devour and I can dress it up or down depending on the sides I prepare with it.  Glazed carrots are another favorite- and this year, I tried a new recipe from the Old Farmer’s Almanac “Everyday Recipes” cook-azine.  Success! 

The PR rep was kind enough to bookmark a few recipes before tucking our copy of this cookbook into the mail for me, including Twice Baked Potatoes on p.85. 
I’ve made Twice Baked Potatoes before, but never with onion.  This recipe calls for minced onion- I took it a step further because my kids, like me, don’t like the texture of onion but seem to like the flavor added by it- so I sauteed it until translucent and then added it in to the filling.  I did not enjoy these potatoes, although making them was quite enjoyable- but being on Nutrisystem and already having had a rough weekend food-wise, I stuck to my program and was a good girl.  As it turns out, that was a good thing.  My kids LOVED these. 
I think over the weekend I may attempt some out-of-my comfort zone recipes (remember, folks, I’m no Betty Crocker.  My comfort zone for cooking is SMALL!)  and try to do Apple & Pork Burger Delights with Maple-Mashed Baked Sweet Potatoes.  Doesn’t that just sound divine?  I can’t wait. 

Plain baked sweet potatoes are great; this way of preparing them is sublime. Serve with turkey dishes, along with cold apple or cranberry sauce.

          Yield: 4 to 6 servings
          4 medium-size sweet potatoes
          3/4 cup milk

1 tablespoon butter
2 tablespoons maple syrup
juice of 1/2 lemon
salt and freshly
ground pepper, to taste
ground cinnamon or nutmeg, for garnish

Preheat oven to 450 degrees F. Pierce the sweet potatoes two or three times with a fork. Arrange them on a baking sheet and bake for 45 minutes to 1 hour, until the flesh is tender. Slit the skin to let the steam escape.

Heat the milk, butter, and maple syrup in a large skillet or saute pan; do not boil. Scoop the sweet potato flesh into the same pan, then mash mixture together with a potato masher. Mash in the lemon juice and salt and pepper, to taste; the texture should be slightly lumpy but still mashed. Serve right from the pan or transfer to a serving dish. Dust the top with cinnamon or nutmeg, and serve at once.

One thing that’s really appealing to me with this cookbook is that the recipes are short and simple to follow.  Regardless of the number of ingredients, this is full of simple to make and follow recipes.  I made some biscuits last week with the kids helping, and the house just smelled so good with fresh baked biscuits.  My 5 year old read the recipe to us.  Lots of family fun with cooking!  (and mess…) 

Just Like Your Mom Used to Make: Want to try some of these recipes at your house?  You can find hundreds of recipes at Almanac.com OR

The Old Farmer’s Almanac Everyday Recipes

New “cook-azine” has delicious recipes for good times, hard times, lunchtime, family time—and even when there’s no time!

Finally, a cookbook for everyone, every “time,” and every meal! Combining easy-to-follow instructions with fresh and familiar ingredients, The Old Farmer’s Almanac Everyday Recipes is chock-full of recipes for wholesome and nutritious family favorites and makes a perfect addition (or start) to any home cookbook library.
This just-released, hands-on helper is a collectible “cook-azine” (think: cookbook disguised as a specialty magazine) for everyday people—family cooks of any skill level who just want to make great food for the people they love. Full of timeless recipes updated for today’s busy lifestyles, Everyday Recipes will become a go-to source for recipes that everyone will enjoy. Think of it as an extension of your mother or grandmother’s recipe box!
No matter the meal or occasion, The Old Farmer’s Almanac Everyday Recipes has a suitable—even perfect!—recipe for it!
Sweeten up the morning with Vermont Maple Pancakes, accompanied by your favorite syrup and breakfast sausage.

Try Clam-Stuffed Mushrooms—appetizers don’t get much better! For an entrée, delight your diners with one of Everyday Recipes’ dozens of reader-submitted, award-winning recipes from the Almanac.

Warm up a chilly evening with Spicy Veggie Nut Stew. Curry, cumin, ginger, and fresh cilantro give this dish its unique flavor.

Pressed for prep time? Try Basic American Meat Loaf, which will taste like you’ve spent hours in front of the stove preparing it—even though it has only six ingredients.

Seafood lovers will rejoice at Seaside Lasagna, a new spin on an old Italian favorite.

Have summer flavors at the ready, even in the middle of a winter chill, with canned preserves such as Tangy Cranberry Apple Chutney.

Find out how to make The World’s Best Cheesecake—then make it even better with seasonal fruit, a drizzle of preserves, or chocolate shavings.

These are just a few of the 235 classic recipes featured in this magazine-size compilation. The Old Farmer’s Almanac Everyday Recipes also guarantees goodness by sprinkling in the very best kitchen tips and tricks. Whether it’s how to test the freshness of fish, make a softer bread crust (hint: put a small dish of water in the oven while baking), or clean a cutting board, Everyday Recipes provides sage advice when it’s needed most.

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