Oral-B® ProfessionalCare ® 1000

The Oral-B® ProfessionalCare® 1000 toothbrush packs a powerful punch in a small, rechargeable package.  I love this toothbrush.  More importantly, my husband loves it.  This has some weight.  Mr. Bargains is a very shrewd consumer when it comes to dental care and he is all business.  He doesn’t mess around with anything relating to his teeth or oral care.  So a thumbs up from him really has an impact on my view of things, too.

The brush heads on these toothbrushes are a small size- which I wasn’t sure I’d be a fan of, but having used this for several weeks, I’m sold.  I love the small, round brushes, I think the bristles are soft enough to be gentle to the gums but strong enough to give a good clean.  The pulsating reminders that you are either brushing too hard (the pulsating stops) or need to change to a new section of your mouth are great for those of us who are brushing while doing 25 other tasks in the morning and don’t always remember to do that.

The toothbrush itself comes with a very small charging station- which comes in extra handy in our holy-moly-we-need-a-bigger-bathroom full bathroom…small charging station means valuable counter space is not compromised by toothbrush chargers.  We each have our own, too. They charge side by side, like little dental soldiers waiting for battle.

ProfessionalCare 1000 provides dentist-inspired cupping action in which a unique, round brush head surrounds each tooth for a tooth-by-tooth clean.

  • Removes up to 97% of plaque from hard-to-reach areas*
  • Helps prevent and reverse gingivitis
  • Pressure sensor stops pulsations when you’re brushing too hard
  • 1 mode: Daily Clean
  • Oral-B is the #1 dentist-recommended toothbrush brand worldwide

There’s a rebate available on the Oral-B site, but it won’t last long, so be sure to print it out ASAP.  Each of the toothbrushes we received, and my friends I have asked who also own an Oral-B  toothbrush, all come with money saving coupons inside for brush heads.  I love that Oral-B remembers little details like that!!

The Oral-B® ProfessionalCare ® 1000 toothbrushes retail at about $74.99.  This is an expense to incur when you first purchase the product, but the benefits far outweigh the cost, and your brush itself will last you for a very long time- using coupons to save on the brush refills helps to further your savings.  You only get one set of adult teeth, and it’s important to take extra good care of them.  If they’d just make a kids’ version of this, I’d be very happy!! (Hint, hint, Oral-B!)

One more thing- if you (like me) often brush your teeth whilst chatting on the phone– that won’t happen anymore.  This is a power toothbrush, remember.  It’s not super loud, but it also isn’t conducive to a phone chat.

I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review.  Opinions are my own. 


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  • This is a great product! Oral B makes great dental items, and I have there floss! I would really like to own one of these. I am going to look into it!

  • check with your dentist before you buy. I got a coupon for a significant discount on Oral B electronic toothbrushes

  • I love how small this is, our bathroom is a small space as well and this would fit nicely!

  • You can brush your teeth and talk on the phone at the same time? Man, that’s impressive. If I tried that it would sound like AHGSDJSKDSKSDJLS. Ha!!

    Anyway, thanks for the review – this sounds like a quality toothbrush.

    • LOL yes. i’m a master multitasker i guess!

  • I have yet to use one of these fancy toothbrushes. I might just have to get one. 🙂

    • you should stefani! its such a clean feeling after!!

  • I need one of these toothbrushes for myself. I was a little concerned about the small size so I am glad to hear it works well.

  • I’ll have to look into this one. I had one before that I didn’t like all that well.


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