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We watched the movie Inception for the first time last night, so we could at least pretend to know about one of the movies up for an Oscar besides Toy Story 3!  I have to be honest- I had not a clue what this movie was about, so off I went to imdb.com to check it out.  First thing I saw was Leonardo DiCaprio’s name.  Sweet.  I like me some Leo.  He’s not only a talented actor, but quite easy on the eyes.

I decided since my littlest one is not feeling well and had been running a fever all day yesterday, that our little Oscars “preview” party would just be me, my husband, and the dog.  We kind of made it into a stay at home date night!  He had some of his favorite beverage, and I had my flavored seltzer, and we each had some Orville Redenbacher Pop Up Bowls popcorn.  (Click here to save $1.00 on the new Pop Up Bowls!) It felt like when you used to GO the movies and they used the sturdier boxes instead of flimsy bags like nowadays!!  (Yes I am on Nutrisystem and yes I did eat a bit of the popcorn.  I’m dedicated, but I’m human!)



Our ambience.  Lights out, fire going.

Our thoughts on the movie:

Sci-Fi is my husband’s cup of tea.  I can take it or leave it- I am not a fan of scary stuff, and often sci-fi things kind of scare me. Let’s face it, I’m a chicken!   Still, I’ve heard such great things about Inception I was excited to see it.  Plus, we’re not great about stopping things we’re doing and just watching a movie without multitasking, so this was a chance for us to have a “party” of our own.


It took me a really long time to understand this movie.  In part due to my youngest running a high fever and wanting mama- so she actually camped out much of the night with us on the couch snuggled in with me.


Cobb and Arthur are corporate spies who steal information from people through their dreams.  Cobb is a widower who desperately wants to get home to the states to his 2 children, but cannot re-enter the US because he’s wanted for his wife’s murder.  The man they failed to steal the information from offers Cobb one last job- and the reward in exchange for his success with the job is wiping Cobb’s record clean so he can return to the states and be reunited with his family.   The job is to convince the heir (Robert Fischer) to a corporate empire to break up his father’s companies so they don’t become a superpower- but to make him think it is his own idea.
Cobb and Arthur assemble a team, including an identity forger, a chemist and an architectural student.  It’s pretty neat watching Cobb teach Ariadne (the architectural student) how the extraction in dreams works.
This is also about where I started having a bit better grasp of what was going on.
Fischer’s father dies and the plan goes into action- the team buys out the seats for the 10 hour flight to Los Angeles and once they take off, immediately get to work.  This is the inception- not extracting information from someone but planting an idea in their head.


There are twists and turns along the way as the team – and Fischer- go progressively deeper through three dream layers.  Cobb’s deceased wife (and 2 young kids at times) appears through Cobb’s subcoscious and often sabotages their efforts, and has for some time, as evidenced in glimpses of other dreams we viewers see… and it isn’t until close to the end that we find out just why so present in his subconscious.


In the end, we’re left to wonder if the ending is a real ending or if the ending is really just part of Cobb’s dream.  The top spins, and seems like it will wobble, but you never see nor hear it fall.

We’re kind of thinking perhaps there is going to be a sequel.  There wasn’t a definitive ending.  You just aren’t sure if it was a dream or not…so you are left to wonder.

GREAT movie.  The musical score was great, I think the cast was fabulous, the plot was (even if not my absolute favorite kind of movie) great- and most of the special effects were pretty good too.  There were a few moments when we kind of looked at each other like “really”?? but overall- a really cool movie.  I’ll be watching tonight to see if they win a lot of awards!
I was so busy watching the movie and a date with my husband I forgot to get pictures of us actually enjoying ourselves.  I did remember to get a *very dark* picture of the cat…
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