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A few weeks ago, we had a few of my little one’s friends over for a Pinypon Party. The girls were very excited to meet the Pinypon friends, because only a few had seen them in TV commercials and the other 2 hadn’t even heard of them. Prior to the party, an enormous box arrived at the house- a box that gave my kids many hours of entertainment yet again- large boxes in this family mean puppet theaters, hideouts, forts, ships, and more.

pinypon friends

What came in the box were the Pinypon Caravan (2 of them), several Pinypon dolls, and 2 darling little Nenuco baby dolls, who will tinkle when they drink their bottle, and blow bubbles when you squeeze their arm. We do not need another doll in this house, so I asked the other moms if they’d like one of the dolls. I sent one home with one family who came to the party and the other just went to work with my husband for a little one through Toys for Tots. The dolls are beautiful, but like I said, we don’t need any more and one of the things we love the most about this blog is that it helps us be able to give to others. Because of my giving a doll away and donating the other, we didn’t test out the Nenuco babies’ tinkling or bubble blowing, although I’ve heard from other blogging friends who had this same party that the girls all LOVED those features!

pinypon friends heads

These little dolls are simply CUTE. Their hair and heads come off and can be changed out with other dolls’ to customize your playtime. Each has 2 faces on it- some cute, some with a distinctly more anime feel. They are darling. I love them. The heads are also hollow so the very teeny tiny accessories (and there are many relating to anything Pinypon- like the caravan itself comes with 30 accessories) can be stored away for safe keeping. My littlest one and a few of the other girls found this to be the best part of the toys! There are tiny holes in the “hairs” of the dolls that you can stick little flowers, butterflies, etc into for accessorizing your doll.

pinypon party

The girls thought these dolls were super fun. I think it’s hilarious that out of the 5 little ones we had here, all of them seemed to be the most drawn to the “secret” compartment in the dolls’ heads. They loved all of the tiny pieces that come with the dolls- the accessories, the dishes for the caravan, too. This line of toys is over the top cute and fun but they have many, many TINY pieces and that’s something that parents want to be aware of. If my littlest wasn’t past the stage of putting things in her mouth, I’m not sure I’d even let those pieces come out of the packaging.

We even had some “On the Road Trail Mix” in honor of the adorable caravan and Pinypon friends’ adventures!

1c chocolate chips

1 c raisins

1 c mini marshmallows

1 1/2 c pretzels

5 c cheerios (or chex)

I think next time I make this I’ll do pretzel rods for pretzels and chex mix- rice- for the cereal. It’s a yummy snack and pretty universally loved!


As they were leaving, each of the girls got 2 Pinypon figures, plus some money saving coupons for their moms!

For coupons and special offers, visit Pinypon’s website. There are some great coupons including $2 off the Pinypon caravan, Buy 2 Pinypon figures, get one free and $5 off Pinypon Hotel!


Party supplies were received in exchange for my post. Opinions are my own.

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  • Oh my these are cute little dollys! I’d want them too if I were a kid. I loved things like this with all the accessories when I was little!

    • Me too. Accessories make things happier!

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