Outdoor Entertaining for under $20 at BJs

BJs carries several items that help to make your summertime entertaining easier, and even more fun, all for under $20.  Just before 4th of July, I was there with my oldest doing some errands, and we stumbled upon the entertaining section.  They have some really great, affordable options!


All three of our kids have birthdays right in a row- July 19, August  7 and September 5.  We have had a combined family party for them the past few years which has worked out well- although with a family the size of mine, this can get spendy very fast.  We can afford to do this the way we do by shopping at BJ’s – with their store coupons and manufacturer coupons on top of already fair pricing, we can save big and entertain big!

Some of the things we spotted at our local BJ’s to make our outdoor entertaining easier:


Even on a hot summer day, keeping your vegetables crisp and fruits fresh has never been so easy! Whether you’re entertaining a crowd or just having a meal with the family, the

Prodyne Ice Chiller ($19.99) takes the typical crudité platter to the next level. The platter features multiple trays for ice, appetizers, and a bowl for dips. The ice tray can also be used for warm appetizers — simply arrange pretzels, chips or crackers around the bowl for a chip and dip platter.







These fun and festive fish shaped chip and dip bowls are so reasonably priced I think we may get a few of them- love the bright colors!



Hook, line and sink your friends with the

Go Fish! Painted Ceramic Chip N’ Dip Bowl ($9.99). Add your favorite party dips and it’ll have guests coming back for more! Chip N’ Dip Bowl is available in assorted colors. (You will notice in my photo the price reads $12.99 but that price tag is for the product below. )




Have some unbreakable, nonsmashable dining fun with the cute melamine dinner sets!!

Brighten up any summer day with the Laurie Gates 12-Pc. Melamine Dinnerware Set ($19.99). The floral accents give a hand painted look to this design-savvy tableware.

Our store had a few styles of this.  Very fun, very practical (and great for people like us with little kids!)

I love the fun colors in these nesting mixing bowls- the nesting makes me happy since space is a hot commodity around here.  The bowls are very fun and very functional and great to put all kinds of goodies and treats into.

Storing fresh produce never looked so sweet! The

Melamine Nesting Bowls by Pizzazz, Set of 6 ($14.99) are dishwasher-safe and easy to store.   


 I had 2 items I really wanted to get for the house- one of which my BJ’s apparently doesn’t carry- plastic tumblers that come with straws…and a drink dispenser:

 Which is all kinds of awesome and I grabbed one.  I can’t wait to use it for parties at the house- kids and adults can help themselves and I can make batches of things like lemonade instead of having cans and bottles of indiviual drinks.  I like that its elevated so the spout part isn’t touching the table – iew.

Transform your everyday beverage into a thirst quenching summertime delight with the Creative Ware BPA-free Acrylic 2.5- Gal. Beverage Dispenser ($14.99). Just fill with ice, fruit and your favorite beverage.


I received a gift card so I could try one of these products at home.  All opinions expressed within are my own.



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