SaleLocator- a savings search engine and iPhone app

There’s a new kid in town.  Or rather, a new search engine.  SaleLocator is a search engine for sales and shopping (um, hello, did they make it just for me?)  I think this has some great potential because it shows what’s on sale near to you – local sales, local businesses- I’m all for shopping online too but I also like to stick close to home, and be in a store, browsing, etc.  and since I always want the best value I can find…SaleLocator sounds perfect for me! 

SaleLocator is a shopping and sales search engine and iPhone app that optimizes the shopping experience and makes consumer’s lives easier.
• SaleLocator helps bargain hunters find the best ongoing sales near them including an average of 225,000 local retail sales daily.
• Shoppers can find local sales by keyword and in nearly 20 popular categories including Clothing & Apparel, Baby & Toddler, Toys & Games, Furniture, Health & Beauty, Sports & Fitness and more.
• Shoppers can save sales, save keyword searches, sign up for daily, weekly or monthly email sales alerts and share sales via Facebook, Twitter (@salelocatorcom) and email.


Like with most things these days, “there’s an app for that!”  I’m all about apps now that I (finally) have a smartphone and can take advantage- when I wanted to find out last week what the best Memorial Day sales were while we were out and about, I’d have LOVED to have an app like this to help guide me and save me from wasting precious shopping time – or have been able to do a search for children’s clothing sales instead of going to three stores to find they didn’t have toddler boy bathing suits.  Carting three small kids around plus a husband when trying to shop isn’t always the easiest thing, and trying to keep people both happy and content while accomplishing things can be very difficult.  Snacks and apps are the way to go.  I guess you can even use the SaleLocator app to find deals on snacks too!

I’m thinking too that with people’s schedules being so very full and hectic these days, that this app is a great way to cut down some major time spent shopping and on errands so that we can get back to living life!  I don’t want to spend half my Saturday in four different stores- I want to be outside enjoying nature, and breathing fresh air, working in the garden or enjoying the company of loved ones.









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  • Definitely sounds worth trying out.

  • Oh Thank You so much with this review, I like you would have loved it early, but now I have to have it and before my birthday. It’s absoultly awesome. It’s so hard to find one that offers so much in one app. I can think of so many times I wish I had had it. Thanks again!!!!


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