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We all know that skin products are not a one-for-all deal.  Some products are good for my skin, and maybe aren’t great for yours.  What works for me isn’t always what works for my husband.  I’ve been finding more and more lately that my husband has been using the men’s skin care products I’ve gotten for him and not just the soap I use.  With fall and winter coming, it means drier air, and since we heat our home with a woodstove, drier skin.  We both want to find something that works well for him that isn’t “girly” and will keep his skin feeling clean, not dry and, well, manly.  (Ok maybe that last bit was my idea…) Dove Men+Care has a great and affordable line from a brand we’ve used and trusted for years just for men with the ingredients to combat dryness.

dove men skin care

You can check out what real couples have to say about the Dove Men+Care line and get a money saving $2 off coupon while you are there!

What do men want in skin care? It’s probably not a question that men think about a lot but DOVE® MEN+CARE® is clinically proven to fight skin dryness and no one wants dry skin!

DOVE® MEN+CARE® is also the only brand that provides superior skincare that is designed specifically for men.

Hear What Real Couples Have To Say About Dove® Men+Care® and Save $2

Watch what real men have to say about skincare and their morning routines. After watching, print the following coupons to save on DOVE® MEN+CARE® products:

  • $1 off DOVE® MEN+CARE® Body+Face Wash, Body+Face Bar Soap, or Scrubber
  • $1 off DOVE® MEN+CARE® Deodorant

Shop all DOVE® MEN+CARE® products at Walmart to find the lowest prices!


What do you look for in skin care for men? Have you tried Dove Men+Care? My husband has (and let me tell you, it smells marvelous- I love the smell!) and he’s been very happy with it.

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  • I love Dove but my husband hasn’t tried their products yet. Thanks for the heads up!

  • I buy these products, and got tons of them when it was on sale at Walgreens a while back. I still have a lot left. These products work great and my father loves them!

  • I buy this product for my hubby!

  • My husband loves this brand. Thanks for the heads up!


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