Save 20% on V2 Cigs April 26-29 #stopsmoking

By now I’m sure you all are aware that we lost my mom far too young because of her smoking.  She wasn’t able to stop. Over the years, she tried many times, but for whatever reason, just wasn’t able to ever quit. Sometimes I wonder, what might have been, had she known what electronic cigarettes could have done to help her- I have heard so many stories of people who were able to finally quit this habit with the help of ecigarettes.  Of  course, there’s no sense in wondering, because it’s too late, but my hope in sharing posts like this is that it won’t be too late for someone else.

v2 cigs kit

V2 Cigs asked me to let you all know that they are having a 20% off storewide sale from April 26th until the 29th. Using V2 cigs coupons like ECR15KITS can be used to save a total of 32% on V2 Starter Kits! That’s a huge savings!

If you haven’t yet read any V2 cigs reviews, I definitely recommend heading over and checking things out.  Between reviews I’ve read online of electronic cigarettes and talking to  friends, family and neighbors, I have come to believe that electronic cigarettes can very likely help many to STOP smoking!

Have you ever smoked? Have you tried quitting? Have you ever used electronic cigarettes?


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