SimpliSafe Home Security Systems are a GREAT gift! #HGG

We’ve had some incidents in our town with vandalism and burglary and while we’ve always been careful to take precautions, we haven’t always had a security “system” in place. The older we get, and the more things happen in our town, neighboring towns, or really, anywhere, the more we realize that we have to find ways to protect ourselves and our home….our family. Our children. The problem has always been for us that security systems are very expensive and have a cost to keep them going. That’s a deterrent for many, many people we know, and I know it’s a deterrent for others with the economy being the way it is.
simplisafe That’s where SimpliSafe comes in. The name gives a big hint to what SimpliSafe is- a simple way to keep your home safe!

For 100 years the alarm security industry has been selling outdated technology at highway-robbery prices. Often sales reps will try to scare customers into signing long-term contracts that are full of nasty fine print.

We believe being safe should be simple. So we designed a security system that is ridiculously easy to self-install, easy to purchase direct from us online, and doesn’t require a contract or a telephone line.

It’s also wireless, cellular, and customizable: It works anywhere and will fit any house, apartment or business.

SimpliSafe Home Security System
Starting at $229.96
simplisafe starter
If you asked 20 year old me if I’d ever even CONSIDER wanting a security system for my home, I’d have laughed in your face. But 38 year old me thinks it’s a pretty cool gift idea, and one I’d be really appreciative of. So yes, I would most certainly have SimpliSafe on my Christmas wish list if they hadn’t already sent us a starter set to try out! (20 year old me is over in the corner wondering what has happened to be, by the way)

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