I love S’mores. A lot. Every Day. (Enter to win up to $500 in Walmart Gift Cards) #smoresmiles

My family loves s’mores too.  It’s actually one of our favorite treats.  We eat them year round.  We’ve been known to have them toasted on the grill, as a dip, roasted on a campfire/firepit, in the microwave, the oven….and sometimes, we have them just because.  We’ve even made s’mores with waffles!  Given our family love for s’mores (ok really, MY love) I readily agreed to share the More s’mores, more smiles promotion where entrants can win up to $500 in Walmart Gift Cards!

s'mores contest


Entrants can now share photos of any favorite everyday moment to enter the contest! It can be any moment in your day that you find special! It’s as easy as snapping a picture of the kids doing something silly on your phone and uploading it to the site for a chance to win up to $500 in Walmart cards! Not too bad!
smores sticks

Visit the Walmart S’mores website to print a $1.25 coupon to save on all your S’mores ingredients! Shop for your S’mores ingredients at Walmart for everyday low prices!

besties and smores

What are YOUR favorite S’mores memories?  



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  • I entered
    ; erinnsluka@gmail

  • Usually we sit by the fire in the backyard and make s’mores, but when it’s too cold I just heat the marshmallow over the stove:) yummy

    jmatek AT wi DOT rr DOT com

  • Oh my gosh, you are making me hungry! I have so many fun S’mores memories. There was the time when we were shopping for S’mores supplies and the power went out in the store…or the time a girlfriend and I cooked S’mores over a stove…or the annual bonfires my friends used to have at the end of the school year, where they’d burn old homework that they didn’t need and roast S’mores over it…or the time we made S’mores out of Peeps….yeah, I love S’mores!

  • My favorite S’mores memory is making them in the microwave and my husband acting like I was crazy for making them in the microwave! However, not even 5 minutes later, he said that they looked good and he made his own in the microwave. haha, that still makes me laugh. He used to also tease me for microwaving a pint of ice cream for 10 to 15 seconds because I don’t like my ice cream so hard, but now he does that too! Hmmm, now I need to go get the ingredients for S’mores…

  • I am SO looking forward to cooking up some S’mores this year over and over and over. You sure make it look gooooood!

  • I used to go camping every year with my family, definitely lots of Smores memories! Love those pictures!

  • Now I want Smores! Thanks, Brett, for making me hungry. 🙂


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