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>So, up until a few weeks ago, I was adamantly refusing to believe that *I* could possibly snore.  Perhaps once in a blue moon with a bad cold, but on a regular basis?  Um, no.  And dontyoudaretrytoconvincemeotherwise, please and thank you.

That refusal turned out to be denial.  My 5 year old snuck into bed with us a few nights in a row a few weeks ago, and informed me that she wasn’t sure how long she’d be staying in our room since “everybody in here snores real loud.”  Say WHAT?  Her dad was still sleeping so I know she wasn’t coerced into saying that. 

I don’t know why I snore (extra weight)?  but I don’t want to.  Fast forward to now, and we’ve had several nights to try the Sona pillow.  Yes, WE.  They sent one for my husband and for me.  There will not be photos of us using the pillows- that’s just kind of weird, and how can I shoot pictures of us sleeping if…well, we’re sleeping? 
**Attractive model not included
The Sona is a pillow designed to stop snoring and help with mild sleep apnea.  Its also the strangest looking pillow I’ve slept on, but oddly comfortable.  (Especially when you can teach your body to remember to keep it where it needs to be- I’m so used to cuddling pillows and hugging them all night I keep moving mine!!  As does my husband).  Also, I must say, effective.  When we’re using the pillows properly, our room is a quiet room.  A room that, dare I say, is dark and silent.  No sawing wood in our room any longer!!

I’m so excited.  I wish I could say I’m sleeping 1000 times better but since my 3 year old is on a full blown sleep strike, and has apparantly been coaching my 1 year old, I’m up a lot.  I do feel like what sleep I have been getting all week IS more restful, and refreshing. 

The Sona Pillow is the only Patented, Clinically Tested and approved pillow for the treatment of mild Sleep Apnea and to help reduce or Stop Snoring. Years of clinical research and design development by a Leading Neurologist and Sleep Expert went into both the design and application of this unique product.

This specially designed pillow places the sleeper in a natural and comfortable side sleeping position that promotes proper alignment to increase the airway that assists the sleeper to breath more freely during the sleep cycle. The pillow allows the sleeper to comfortably sleep on their left or right side and helps them maintain this position throughout the night by two key patented design features:

The first design feature allows the sleeper to position his or her arm directly under the pillow which aids in maintaining the sleeper on their side throughout the night.

The second key design feature is a specially engineered center section of the pillow which creates a comfortable added support point in the shoulder blade area of the back which enhances the overall comfort – a design performance of the product. While this product will not cure Sleep Apnea or Snoring, it will help individuals who suffer from mild Sleep Apnea or frequently snore get a better, more restorative night’s rest.

I know my husband is not complaining about my apparently constant snoring this week, so there’s a definite improvement.  Of course, he keeps moving the pillow and hasn’t stopped snoring when he does that.  When he is using it properly, its far, far more peaceful for me. 

Of course, in desperation,  the Sona pillow can and has been used to give a gentle, subtle nudge to the snorer to wake up and roll over…

You can buy the Sona pillow on their website, from Amazon.com (direct link below) or from BJ’s or Bonton stores.  OR…

Sona Pillow has offered to send one of my readers one of their pillows- with a pillow case included- to help restore peace in your bed. 

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