Spring Cleaning and Organization just got prettier with Fellowes Banker Boxes (Giveaway) #GetOrganized #BankerBoxes

We don’t have an ‘office’ in our house. There isn’t a room to BE an office.  We do have a little area in our bedroom that has a doorway, I haven’t a clue what it was originally meant to be…but a few years ago, we turned it into an ‘office’ by adding some open shelving and a counterspace.  Of course, having some kids right when we did this meant that a lot of things were put into bins and baskets and it quickly became more a catchall than an organized, usable space.  There has been no organization since we first filled the shelves.   The past few weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time working on getting things sorted and organized and ready to put into  Fellowes Banker Boxes so at least the area looks more organized.  Some of the items you can see above the shelving are things of my moms I simply haven’t been able to go through yet- and I’m still not ready.  So they will go into boxes now.  Pretty boxes, but boxes.  I can’t believe I am sharing these pictures with you but here goes…

fellowes banker box before


So that’s a lot of the before. But there’s more.  If I’m going to out myself and show you what I’ve ignored for years when I spring clean….why not go all out, right?

kids school papers before fellowes banker box

This had a lot of the kids’ baby books, school papers, and assorted art projects.  I have three kids.  This had to stop.  Imagine the uproar if their stuff got mixed up later in life?  No, they needed their own spot for their things.  I needed a spot so I could preserve things.


I don’t mind spring cleaning.  But spring organizing? Not a fan.  Usually because I tend to have situations like this and I can’t figure out where to start.  I can’t throw away the few family photos and papers I have left, so I just leave them (until now).


The STARTING of the organizing has actually been kind of fun.  Probably not in the same way for all of us…but hey, that’s life.  Or at least, that’s my life.  My littlest one discovered a photo book of our wedding, and my son decided to make forts.  But they had fun, we laughed a lot, and I started to get each kids’ papers into their own boxes.  It felt really good getting that started, I’ve been thinking about it a really long time and just felt so overwhelmed I never even started.  (I’m not the only one who gets like that, right?)

fellowes banker box collage


Be sure to check back in a month or so, because I’ll be sharing the AFTER photos with you of the office area…and maybe more.  Fellowes sent a lot of Banker Boxes and they won’t all fit into our office area so they may go to some other rooms in the house as well.

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fellowes banker box

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  • I’m installing flooring in the attic so I can clear the garage and move all my exercise stuff in there! Then! I’m moving all the books in the house into one room and building a library.

  • We’re currently in the process of moving – so EVERYTHING is getting cleaned and organized!

  • Cleaning out my computer room. It has become a storage room for everything

  • Our office is my biggest spring cleaning challenge.It is a nightmare.

  • Our garage

  • my sewing room

  • OH for me it is to declutter our basement and box up what we do not need!

  • The extra bedroom has become a dumping ground for lots of junk that needs discarding .

  • I need to tackle all the outgrown clothing! There are MOUNTAINS of clothing in my house!

  • i am attempting to organize my back room of doommm!


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