Stickers are NOT for 1 year olds (warning) , and ShamWow to the rescue! (Yay!)

Earlier this morning, my son’s preschool teacher innocently put a small smiley face sticker onto Baby B’s hand.  She was very excited and staring at it all the way to the car, and as I buckled her seat.  I STUPIDLY didn’t take the sticker off her hand, and got in, buckled up and drove to the store.  Halfway there, Busy B says “mom, the baby threw up” and sure enough, I looked in the mirror to see her throwing up again.  IEW.  Gross.  She was acting fine so I didn’t pull right over and went to the next parking lot I could pull into and got out to assess the situation.  Guess what she threw up with her breakfast?  That cute little smiley face sticker.  Not so innocent anymore.  Pushing aside my mother-of-the-year guilt, I got her unbuckled and cleaned up as best I could, only to realize, I’ve been so lax about diaper bag items that I had nothing for clothes for her except a pair of her brother’s socks.  Thankfully our BJ’s sells kids clothes and I was able to go buy her an outfit to put on right away- but IEW.  (That sticker got expensive fast!!)

After we got home, I set to cleaning up the mess in the carseat.  Anyone who’s ever experienced this rite of passage knows it isn’t pretty nor is it fun.  I wasn’t even sure where to begin so I started with the hose sprayer and asked Busy B to grab me a rag.  She came out with the ShamWow– of As Seen on TV fame- which I’d used for cleaning but never would have thought to grab.   She’s a smart kid, have I told you that?  She clearly knew better than I that something so superbly absorbant as a ShamWow was what I needed to help clean up this mess.  It really did soak up all the liquid, and made cleanup a LOT easier and quicker for me.    Plus, the cloth itself I was able to hose off outside and just toss into the diaper pail to be washed this afternoon.  VERY very grateful to have such a product around to grab!!

If you do have small children who throw up on occasion (read: if you have small children) I may make the suggestion that you join me in keeping a ShamWow tucked away in a corner of your vehicle, because you may find yourself in a situation like me and be very, very grateful that you have it.

I’d write more but I’ve got to go get the seat cover out of the wash and hang it on the clothesline so I can have it dry for tomorrow morning!

Thanks, As Seen on TV, for sending me your product to review, even though I’m fairly certain neither you nor I anticipated this is what I”d be writing about :o) !  You can find them on Facebook at:

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  • Great post! It’s not just stickers, Band-Aids are dangerous too. At the 12 month check up, they had to take blood from my baby girl. On the way home, she got off BOTH Band-Aids that they put on her finger in the 10 min. drive to Target. I noticed that they were sopping wet when I got her out of her car seat and on the side of her leg in the seat, thank goodness. But she could have choked on them on the way home from the pediatrician’s office. Good thing I wasn’t going straight home, she could have picked them up and put them back in her mouth.

  • When Natalie was only a few months old I used a small piece of tape to hold a broken hair bow together – BIG MISTAKE!! While we were driving in the car, she started chocking and gagging!

    I was so glad my husband was with us bc I was freaking out! It was stuck in her throat and I was scared to pull it out bc I thought I might make it worse sticking my hand down there! Luckily my hubby stuck his finger down her throat and pulled it right out! LESSON LEARNED!!


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