Don’t Forget Dad: Amy Michelle GoTotes Giveaway

What?  You think I’m all kinds of crazy, writing a post about a gorgeous Amy Michelle diaper bag, and saying its for the Don’t Forget Dad event?  Well, maybe I *am* crazy but hey, dads have to carry bags too, right?  Why not let them carry one in style?  I kid you not, I have had at least 25 diaper bags in my just about 6 years as a mom.  No lie.  No joke.  I love a good bag. 

Why shouldn’t we include dads when looking at diaper bags? I have family and friends who did and they picked something “tolerable” because they knew their husband/boyfriend wouldn’t object to carrying it.  That makes me sad.  We should have beautiful bags if we want them- just because we have a baby doesn’t mean we should be stuck with babyish looking bag to tote around baby needs!!  [click to continue…]