Listerine Oral Care Challenge Update

So here we are, a month after starting the Listerine Oral Care Challenge, and I’m sitting here with heathier teeth and gums…and waking up with better breath.  (We refer to morning breath as dragon breath…although I feel like mine’s more like baby dragon breath instead of what it was before, which was more akin to a really-old-dragon-with-lingering-illness-breath).  Happily, so is my 6 year old- and because they emulate their big sister, my 2 and 4 year old have been even more excited to brush than ever!!  It hasn’t been as rough as I thought, although having a chart for my daughter and I to fill in helped (which had a run-in with some green cookie icing and didn’t make it into pictures)…as did having a 6 year old holding my accountable.  We’re kind of having fun, having our own little brushing parties.

After five weeks, here’s my take.  I still don’t like the taste of Listerine.  It’s too strong.  I want to, but I don’t.  So I use the kids’ stuff.  BUT I’m trying to use the Listerine every few days, because I know it has so many great benefits for my oral care…so that counts for something, I imagine.  Even though I don’t like the taste of Listerine, I like what it does for my mouth, and I’ll keep using it because of that.  My husband has been using the Listerine and he agrees that it is a very strong flavor but he’s far able to deal with strong flavors.  (He’s also less picky with foods than I am…perhaps that’s related?)  I love that it protects my teeth at night!!

My daughter is very generous except with her pink sparkly Barbie rinse, so I’ve been using the Phineas & Ferb Smart Rinse that we received.  My 4 year old claimed the Batman (and he is able to rinse and spit so I let him use it with close supervision) for himself.  Check out the printable $1.00 coupon you can get from Listerine!!   [click to continue…]

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