DK Eyewitness Series: Predator & Flight (Giveaway)

DK Eyewitness Series is a collection of amazingly beautifully photographed nonfiction series.  They offer readers a very thorough and comprehensive look at a huge array of subjects using words and images.  They are made for kids ages 8+ but really, they are a pleasure to look through and enjoy for even my 4 year old.   They are a wonderful addition to any reference set for any home, classroom or library!  I think its really cool that these books all include a CD and wall chart now. 

Eyewitness: Predator introduces readers to the world of lions, tigers, wolves, eagles, sharks, and more animals that prey on other animals to survive.

Previously published as Eyewitness: Flying Machine, Eyewitness: Flight is a spectacular and informative guide to the fascinating world of aircraft. Superb color photographs offer a unique “eyewitness” exploration of the history of flight, and provide a close-up view of the many different types of aircraft in use today, how to keep an airplane flying straight and level, and more.

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Talking Hot Dots® Pen & Vocabulary Flash Cards (Giveaway)

Talking Hot Dots® Pen is made for ages 5-12 and gives them feedback in a fun way- at their pace.  Its a neat way to reinforce concepts learned in the classroom at home or in the classroom! 
  • Allows students to choose talking feedback, fun sound effects or both, and cheers for students when they answer correctly
  • Provides immediate visual feedback with red and green lights for incorrect and correct answers
  • Features child-friendly design that makes the pen easy for young hands to use
  • Works with Hot Dots® Activity Cards for phonics, reading comprehension, math operations, fractions, time and money—perfect for center activities
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries, not included
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American Girl Bitty Twins®

American Girl® sent us two of their Bitty Twins® for review.  As with anyone shopping for these gorgeous, well made dolls, we were able to choose the skin tone, eye color and hair color for our dolls.  These 15 inch dolls are gorgeous- very well made, nice, soft bodies, strong stitching (the kids have put this to the test, trust me) and beautifully molded arms, legs and  heads with, one of MY favorite features, hair that can be styled.

I don’t know what it is that American Girl does with the hair of their dolls but we don’t have anything else in this house in the “toy” category that has hair that we can actually get a brush through.  With the Bitty Twins, we CAN brush the hair, and style it- and it’s been a lot of fun for my girls to make pretties in the babies’ hair and, I fully admit it, me, too.

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$25 for $50 of Eco Friendly Magnetic Building Blocks

I’ve heard such great things about Tegu blocks and they are on Eversave today for just $25 for $50 worth!

When it comes to creativity, your child follows only one direction — his own. He would never color inside the lines, paint by numbers or follow the narrow instructions that come with his LEGO sets. Give your boundary-breaking builder a toy as multidimensional as he is: magnetic building blocks that stack up, down and all around from socially and environmentally responsible Tegu.

•Choose from several Tegu block sets in a variety of finishes and colors•Magnetic building blocks encourage imaginative, independent play•Winner of Dr. Toy Best Green Product, Parent’s Choice Silver Honor and more•Featured in Parenting, New York, Scholastic magazines and more•Honduras-based company improves the local economy, practices sustainability, and funds the education of disadvantaged students
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GoodNites® for Good Mornings (Prize Pack Giveaway $100 Amex GC)

My oldest was not night trained until she was well over 5 1/2 years old.  She was day trained at 22 months, but the nighttime thing, well, it just wasn’t there, no matter what, until quite recently.  She was, right up until she night trained, a very heavy wetter, which meant that we very quickly realized that traditional training pants were not going to cut it, especially as she got older and as her bladder grew along with her.  GoodNites® were one thing that really helped us as she got older and didn’t want “baby” pullups- and I couldn’t blame her.  The GoodNites® looked and felt to her more like “big girl” pants and weren’t as upsetting to wear.   I thought the GoodNites® were- and still are- a great option for bigger kids who still need some absorbancy at night- no one wants to wake up wet in the middle of the night or the morning, and I knew if she had these on she might have had an accident but her pajamas and sheets wouldn’t be affected.

I know my son and now my youngest don’t want anything “babyish”  – they want to look, feel and act like big kids.  My son was fortunate enough to night train when he day trained, but we’re still in progress with my youngest and I have no idea how long she’ll need absorbancy at night-but I can tell you that if she needs it, we’ll grab for GoodNites®.  Its hard enough to be a little kid trying to be a big kid without having accidents at night.  I’m glad there are options like this out there, especially as my kids get older and pullups aren’t “common” for kids to use- I like knowing there is an option that looks and feels a lot more like underwear, with more subtle designs better suited for a “big kid” on them! [click to continue…]

Pressman Toys Pretty Ponies and Silly Socks (Giveaway)

Summer is full of so many things to do outside  when the weather cooperates- but for those days when the weather doesn’t cooperate and we do have to be inside, crafts and games have been the first things I turn to.  My kids will all three of them sit at the table and color, glue, use stickers, you name it- they love crafty things.

Pressman Toy’s Pretty Ponies is a creative cardboard set that’s fun to color and design, and with ribbon and yarn you can change the ponies’ looks whenever you want, plus, the storage container doubles as a pony stable so your little one can play ponies to her (or his) little heart’s content.

The ponies are fun to color- you can make the legs any color you want, and they are interchangeable too so you can give the brown pony the legs from the yellow one and vice versa.  Lots of options.  The ponies also have some parts that sparkle, and we all know how important sparkles and glitter are in art creations!!

This kit was awesome at a baby shower for one of my friends, that my oldest came to, but she didn’t know anyone else- so I pulled the kit out with some brand new markers and had one very, very happy little girl for a very long time.  Threading the “Manes” and “tails” for the ponies isn’t that easy for her- but I always struggle with threading needles and stuff myself so that isn’t surprising.  This is such a cute set and very versatile!

Get your ponies ready for the big show at the stable! Create colorful manes and tails. Color the ponies on your own, or use the pre-decorated side and start playing right away. A great craft for solo fun or play with friends. The box folds out to become the perfect display. [click to continue…]

Backyard Safari Outfitters- a must have for summer fun!

My kids LOVE being outside. They love to play outside, read outside, craft outside, hike, hunt, roll, help, work- you name it, they are happy to do it outdoors.  They love having adventures, and the older they get, the more they want to have their own adventures without mom and dad “interrupting” (interfering) and putting their own spin on things.  We received a box of fun from the nice folks over at Backyard Safari Outfitters a while back, and let me tell you, they have LOVED this entire line of ” toys” and gear.

From the tiniest carabiner to the brown camouflaging netting, there’s not been anything we’ve discovered either here at home or in stores made by this company that wasn’t a huge hit.  These are kid toys, built to last, but also built to look just like the adult versions.  Sure, bright pink tents decorated to look like sharks are cute and fun, but what about the kids that want to camp and hang out in a tent and not be seen, or are trying to be INCOGNITO?  Kids don’t always want or need bright colors and toys that do things for them, I know mine don’t, and I love that Backyard Safari Outfitters has kept this in mind when they design their product.  (I have to say they do have a camp lantern that does require batteries but that’s more a practical thing and it, too has a carabiner so you can hang it from the tent for light to read cool books, check out the adventure guides, or hang from your vest as you explore in the dark night outside on an adventure.) [click to continue…] Family Sleepwear (Giveaway) offers sleepwear for the whole family- functional, yes, but FUN, OH yes!  I love their selection- especially since the “fun” stuff is not just for kids.

I have to tell you that I’m still stunned at the turnaround on this. asked if I’d work with them and 2 days later, the pajamas are hanging on the line to dry so the kids can wear them to bed.  [click to continue…] (Easy Rider Balance Bike & Little Nutty Helmet)

I think I’m becoming obsessed with bicycles. My son is 3 1/2 and desperately wants to be a big kid and ride a big kid bike, but his gross motor skills are not quite where he can successfully pedal a bike (with or without training wheels). Here’s where TykeRider comes in. They sent us the Early Rider for a review.

First of all, the bike itself is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S. Gorgeous as in, very very well constructed hardwood bike frame. Beautiful craftsmanship. Beautiful design. The padded leather seat is absolutely in line with the style of this bike and looks so cool…and feels so comfy (I asked). I kid you not, when I see this bike I always hear “Get your motor runnin’…head on the highway!!” in my head. I think its the super cool flames branded on the sides. This bike is TOP notch for quality and design and I love it. More importantly- its built well and is very sturdy- so its safe. Kids like it because its COOL and, well, fun to ride on. [click to continue…]

Battle Bands review and giveaway

Senario’s Battle Bands are a series of flexible, collectible and tradable bands that double as games pieces. The starter pack (MSRP $6.99) comes with seven bands, seven Warrior Cards and one Battle Mat. The bands are in shapes of dragons, sharks and monsters. I also received a booster pack (MSRP $3.99) that includes 5 Battle Bands and 5 Warrior cards.

When the Battle Bands arrived my 6 year old son could barely wait to get his hands on them. The packaging is colorful, dramatic and eye catching. We opened the packages and I was pleased to see that the Battle Bands, Battle Mat, Warrior Cards and instructions could be stored in the case it came in.

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