Caillou plush doll and toy train (Review)

If you have ever watched PBS Kids or Sprout with your own or other people’s little kids, chances are you are familiar with a little bald 4 year old boy named Caillou who has his very own animated show- and what may possibly the catchiest theme song ever.  (I can hear the notes now just typing this).   Kids love him, and they love the show.  My kids are no exception.  We’ve had a LOT of sick days in my family this winter which has made for a lot of extra television viewing time- including Caillou.  My 3 year old likes to snuggle on my bed with me after big sister gets on the bus for school and little sister goes for her nap- he likes to watch Caillou with me and then we turn off the TV and read some books together before nap.  Its one of the few things that are “ours” together, just him and me, and I love those times.

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Chuggington Wooden Railway Over & Under Starter Set (Giveaway) ends 4/25

I don’t think I could possibly ever count how much time my family has spent in the past 3+ years building train tracks, rebuilding train tracks, racing trains, making loopdeloops, bumpy tracks…if it is related to wood trains, I can almost guarantee you that it has been played with for dozens upon dozens of hours.  You’ll notice I didn’t say the kids have played…because, quite honestly, it’s us, too!  We love it.  Our living room is 21 feet long- quite often, much of that is taken up by train tracks going this way, that way, around chair legs, under the ottoman…the rule around here is, at bedtime, you can leave the tracks but any trains or accessories not ON the tracks has to be put away.  We actually tried a train table for oh, about a month.  It never worked.  The kids wanted more space to build and we decided to pass it along to a friend because we never used it.  (Well, the kids would stand atop it and jump, but that’s not train related!!)

While I love our wood trains and track, nothing has really excited me enough to want to purchase it lately…although sets like the Chuggington Over & Under Starter Set from Learning Curve have kind of changed that.  The set comes with 25 pieces- including a 2 story clock tower, Vee, Koko and Wilson along with Chuggington track, which fits with every brand of wooden train track we own but has its very own look…which THIS mama LOVES!! [click to continue…]

Pillow Pets Dreamland™ games (Giveaway)ends 4/11

The folks at My Pillow Pet have come out with some cute games that are very similar to some familiar classics, but with the Pillow Pet theme.  The two games are Pillow Pets Dreamland Adventure Game and Pillow Pets Dreamland Matching Game.  You can find both with all of your favorite Pillow Pet friends right at

My kids love matching games, and both of these games place emphasis on matching. 

In My Pillow Pets Dreamland Matching Game, kids 3+ can match 30 pets with their pillows- the kid (or grownup!) with the most matches at the end, wins.  Don’t be surprised when your child is asking for a few more pillow pet friends after playing this game or the other new one- its all Pillow Pets and hard to resist the fluffy cuteness!  It’s a cute memory game, andwith the bright, cheery Pillow Pet friends, lots of fun for little ones.

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Douglas Cuddle Toys (Giveaway)

I’m not normally ‘big’ into stuffed animals.  There isn’t a specific reason, I just don’t often purchase them.  Once in a while, I find one that I can’t resist- like Greta the White Flower Horse from Douglas Cuddle Toys.  SO snuggly soft, and so well made.  I love the different textures and the vibrant colors- it takes a well made stuffed friend and kicks it up a notch. The feet and  forehead  have a satiny fabric, and the same satiny fabric is inside of Greta’s ears and mane, and twisted with the fabric of the tail.  The plush itself is really soft and doesn’t pull apart and move around.  Her legs are easy to move and floppy which makes for fun tossing games.  I really like the beans inside of the ‘hooves’ for a surprise texture for little ones to discover and explore!  Even the tag is a generous size- lots of great sensory and tactile components going on in such a cute little package!

I’ve said before and I’ll say again- my kids PLAY with toys.  We’re not gentle nor delicate around here.  I’m not saying we just throw things in the air and against the walls, but in my house, if you don’t want to be played with, climb way up high on a shelf.

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Honk your horns! Chuggington: Ride the Rails now on DVD (giveaway)

 “Chuggington” currently airs daily on Disney Junior, Disney Channel’s learning-focused programming block. The  show, if you are unaware, follows  three young trainees, Wilson, Brewster and Koko, as they learn to “ride the rails” of life and become productive chuggers. The characters are vibrant, engaging and relatable, and the life lessons learned during each episode are important ones, introduced on a preschool level. 

Chuggington: Let’s Ride The Rails (SRP: $16.98- was avail 2/8/11) welcomes preschoolers to the vibrant world of “Chuggington” with six fun-filled episodes that take young viewers on entertaining explorations, while gently reinforcing valuable lessons such as humility, trust, respect and teamwork. The episodes featured on the new DVD are “Clunky Wilson,” “Braking Brewster,” “Can’t Catch Koko,” “Old Puffer Pete’s Tour,” “Koko On Call” and “Hodge And The Magnet.” Special bonuses include “Chuggington”-themed coloring pages and activity sheets.

My kids were hooked on Chuggington from the opening notes of the theme song the first time they heard them.  *I* like this show. I love the characters, I love the lessons taught, I love the quirky expressions- they are Traintastic!!  We love all of the friends and characters on Chuggington, although I think I like Mtambo and The Great Frostini best…I love their names!   If you have an aspiring train engineer who wants to do more Badge Quests, this is a great DVD for your collection- it would be a great add-in for an Easter basket!

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