VTech’s Peek-At-Me Bunny (Giveaway)

VTech’s Peek-At-Me Bunny is an adorable interactive stuffed friend for the littlest family members that can play and teach your child things when its playtime, and calm and soothe them when its  night time. I had a lot going on the first few days this bunny was in the house and I kept making it turn on into soothing mode when making noise (unloading dishwasher, calling to kids to come inside to eat, etc) and at first I didn’t realize that *I* was making it respond- the bunny thought I was a crying baby (I guess I do have a high pitched voice?)

The Peek-At-Me Bunny has 2 play modes, and with both modes, the bunny will interact with your child.  It’s intended for ages 3 and under although I think probably 2 1/2 years is the top age range.  I absolutely adore the way the bunny will respond to sounds in night mode, playing soothing lullabies for  several minutes (and baby will quickly learn to make it play more when the bunny stops if my kids are an indicator!) and learning colors, shapes and body parts in Playtime mode is always fun for little ones. [click to continue…]

Duckle Dance Sweepstakes by Capezio & Wisharoo Park ($100 ARV Giveaway)


Hey Moms, Dads, Gramas, Grampas, Aunts, Uncles, babysitters- Let’s get moving!!!  Get your kids boogie down and dancing to the Duckle Dance beat and enter them in the Duckle Dance Sweepstakes Presented by Capezio and Wisharoo Park.

To enter-  simply video your preschool kids doing the Duckle Dance and then enter those videos via downloads to their facebook or YouTube accounts for a chance to win one of twenty Capezio and Wisharoo Prize packages or one of five $500 Dance Scholarships!

To kick-off the promotion, Wisharoo Park and Capezio premiered its inaugural Duckle Dance promotional video, featuring favorite Wisharoo Park characters Ranger Rosey and DanDan and Della Duckle dancing along with real life kids, at the newly launched multimedia Wisharoopark.com. [click to continue…]

Pressman Toys Pretty Ponies and Silly Socks (Giveaway)

Summer is full of so many things to do outside  when the weather cooperates- but for those days when the weather doesn’t cooperate and we do have to be inside, crafts and games have been the first things I turn to.  My kids will all three of them sit at the table and color, glue, use stickers, you name it- they love crafty things.

Pressman Toy’s Pretty Ponies is a creative cardboard set that’s fun to color and design, and with ribbon and yarn you can change the ponies’ looks whenever you want, plus, the storage container doubles as a pony stable so your little one can play ponies to her (or his) little heart’s content.

The ponies are fun to color- you can make the legs any color you want, and they are interchangeable too so you can give the brown pony the legs from the yellow one and vice versa.  Lots of options.  The ponies also have some parts that sparkle, and we all know how important sparkles and glitter are in art creations!!

This kit was awesome at a baby shower for one of my friends, that my oldest came to, but she didn’t know anyone else- so I pulled the kit out with some brand new markers and had one very, very happy little girl for a very long time.  Threading the “Manes” and “tails” for the ponies isn’t that easy for her- but I always struggle with threading needles and stuff myself so that isn’t surprising.  This is such a cute set and very versatile!

Get your ponies ready for the big show at the stable! Create colorful manes and tails. Color the ponies on your own, or use the pre-decorated side and start playing right away. A great craft for solo fun or play with friends. The box folds out to become the perfect display. [click to continue…]

Backyard Safari Outfitters- a must have for summer fun!

My kids LOVE being outside. They love to play outside, read outside, craft outside, hike, hunt, roll, help, work- you name it, they are happy to do it outdoors.  They love having adventures, and the older they get, the more they want to have their own adventures without mom and dad “interrupting” (interfering) and putting their own spin on things.  We received a box of fun from the nice folks over at Backyard Safari Outfitters a while back, and let me tell you, they have LOVED this entire line of ” toys” and gear.

From the tiniest carabiner to the brown camouflaging netting, there’s not been anything we’ve discovered either here at home or in stores made by this company that wasn’t a huge hit.  These are kid toys, built to last, but also built to look just like the adult versions.  Sure, bright pink tents decorated to look like sharks are cute and fun, but what about the kids that want to camp and hang out in a tent and not be seen, or are trying to be INCOGNITO?  Kids don’t always want or need bright colors and toys that do things for them, I know mine don’t, and I love that Backyard Safari Outfitters has kept this in mind when they design their product.  (I have to say they do have a camp lantern that does require batteries but that’s more a practical thing and it, too has a carabiner so you can hang it from the tent for light to read cool books, check out the adventure guides, or hang from your vest as you explore in the dark night outside on an adventure.) [click to continue…]

Original Sprout Baby Hair & Skin Care ($50 Gift Card Giveaway)

With summer and nice weather comes dirty kids.  Its inevitable- they play outside, they get messy.  I like bathing my kids and using products on their hair and skin that are safe for them and without harmful ingredients, whenever possible.  Original Sprout is a family-owned company that offers products that are gentle to the kids’ hair and skin and (not surprisingly) created by a mom.

First off, the packaging is great.  Simplistic and clean, just like the product- although don’t let the look deceive you because these products perform very very well.  I actually used the detangler on my own hair a few times after the kids played “do mommys hair” and I was very happy with how it worked even on my thick hair!!

Next- the ingredients- or rather, the lack of…you won’t find formaldehyde in Original Sprout products.  Nor will you find lye.

I love this brand. I love that its a mom- started product line, and that they are so cautious with their ingredients, but also equally as conscious of the performance of the product.  Definitely a hit in mybook.  Or tub, as the case may be. [click to continue…]

Slick Sand from DuneCraft.com- change the way you play with sand!

DuneCraft.com sent us some of their Slick Sand. Instant hit to say the least. We are always looking for new things to put into our “water table” which really functions more as a sensory table- we’ve done all kinds of different activities in it- right now, its up on our screen porch filled with mini diggers, shovels, sand rakes and sifters, and Slick Sand.

What’s so cool about Slick Sand? Well, it doesn’t get wet. When you pour water with it, the water sits atop the sand, and doesn’t soak it. So when you want to make a ‘river’ and you pour water into a ‘road’ of sand…the water sits atop. Its really cool and just a whole new spin on sand play. I like it too because you can sweep it up, pop it into its bucket, and save it for another day when you decide to change things up. [click to continue…]

Kid Summer Fun: Kidorable Towels & Discount Code

The lake, the pool, the ocean- this time of year, kids are getting WET and Kidorable offers an adorable line of fun and functional towels to dry the kids off and get them warmed up!!  Offered in Lucky Cat (as pictured below) and 9 other super cute, super fun styles, these towels are just the right sizes for your little ones- they come in Small, up to 2 years and Medium, 3-6 years.  The medium is a generous size- this is my almost 6 year old in the towel and she’ll likely use it for at least one more year.

I love the snap feature so kids can use their imaginations and have some fun with role play while they are warming up and drying off out of the water. [click to continue…]

Preorder the *new* Llama Llama: Home with Mama book now!!

We all love the Llama Llama series from Anna Dewdney- sweet, whimsical and fun, and in each story, Little Llama learns a lesson- and Mama Llama always asks to “please stop all that llama drama” which is MY favorite part. I love everything about these books.  My kids do too- all three of them even at different ages!!  Definitely one I am preordering :o) so that we have it August 23rd on its release date!!
Llama Llama Home with Mama

“Helping Moms Manage Kids’ Allergies” #CleverAllergyfriendly

I wrote this post while participating in a blog tour conducted by Clever Girls Collective on behalf of Children’s Claritin®. I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program.

We’re only just breaking the surface of the world of seasonal allergies around here. My younger two children, currently 22 months and 3.5 years, are both having a horrible time with the pollen in the air here in Connecticut. There are days when I just look at them and feel so guilty!

One of my biggest allies in my fight with allergies is local honey. I’ve used it in spring for all of us for years- when the kids are little and under 18 months I make sure to dissolve the honey in boiling water to remove any chance of botulism, but I’ve read in so many places that using honey native to your geographic area is a great way to help combat allergies because it has the local pollen from the local bees. We like to buy local for many reasons, but we ONLY buy local honey for this reason. [click to continue…]

Rokenbok ROK Building Toys (Special 50% off Reader Code!)

We love building toys around here.  I’m including myself in that, because I truly do.  Doesn’t matter what the blocks are made of, we can make building blocks out of a tissue box if need be.  But we do prefer the ones you can buy, that are uniform in size and click together and stay together.  Rokenbok sent us some of their ROK Blocks to check out, and my kids have had a great time building creations and following the suggested construction ideas that come with the sets.  All are fun.  [click to continue…]