Alex Toy Ready Set Go Trike 62% off!!

I love the little canopy- and the storage basket in the back is a must.  Your little one can cruise around without the glaring sun, sip some water from the cupholder and keep some playdate cards stashed in the basket for any pals s/he meets on the way to the park.  [click to continue…] (Easy Rider Balance Bike & Little Nutty Helmet)

I think I’m becoming obsessed with bicycles. My son is 3 1/2 and desperately wants to be a big kid and ride a big kid bike, but his gross motor skills are not quite where he can successfully pedal a bike (with or without training wheels). Here’s where TykeRider comes in. They sent us the Early Rider for a review.

First of all, the bike itself is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S. Gorgeous as in, very very well constructed hardwood bike frame. Beautiful craftsmanship. Beautiful design. The padded leather seat is absolutely in line with the style of this bike and looks so cool…and feels so comfy (I asked). I kid you not, when I see this bike I always hear “Get your motor runnin’…head on the highway!!” in my head. I think its the super cool flames branded on the sides. This bike is TOP notch for quality and design and I love it. More importantly- its built well and is very sturdy- so its safe. Kids like it because its COOL and, well, fun to ride on. [click to continue…]

Yoga By the Dozen (Giveaway)

Yoga By the Dozen is a new favorite pasttime in my house.  Even Baby B loves it!!  I’m still amazed at how quickly my Busy girl picked up the names for the Yoga poses- ones that I still stumble over weeks later, she’s rolling them off her tongue like she’s known them her whole life. 

This DVD is great. Totally geared toward young kids, the repetition and simplicity is awesome- and the yoga is fun!  Definitely a DVD we’ve put into the player over and over again- and its hard to not say yes when they want to “watch” a DVD that ultimately gets them up and moving – habits I want to last a lifetime with my kids.   I’m so glad they all three of them love it- and twice when we’ve done it we’ve had other kids here who also jumped right in and got involved.  JoAnna and the kids on the DVD are very engaging and very fun to watch and imitate [click to continue…]

“Show Me How” through reading, crafting & cooking

My college years were spent in Plymouth, New Hampshire studying Early Childhood Education.  I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Studies with a minor in Child Development.  I did teach infants, toddlers and preschoolers for a while and now, obviously, I have my three kids who all love school, homework, and anything to do with books.  They are so happy when we work on a project together, and if it ties into a book we’ve read or a song we’ve sung, they are even happier.

With summer coming, kids will be out of school- and while I do think there is something to be said for the lazy days of summer, and not overplanning, I can tell you with certainty that my children will ask for projects, and want to do workbooks and worksheets- and since we read books together several times a day as it is, I’d just assume incorporate stories, crafts, snacks and songs into our days that complement one another, to broaden their understanding of the stories, and their meanings, in an age appropriate way (in short: lots of fun activities that go together).  I can almost promise you that if you will be spending any amount of time with children ages 2-5 this summer, you’ll want this book.  It’ll offer you tons of great story, craft and recipe options to pass those days away while spending time with the kids.

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TwirlyGirl® Reversible Twirly Racer Dress & UnderTwirl™

TwirlyGirl® sent my Busy girl a Reversible TwirlyGirl® Racer Dress in The Fairy Gardens print. They also thought to send a pair of Hoppin Heather UnderTwirl™ Shorts to keep her underwear as underwear and not visible to anyone when she’s twirling (which is nonstop when she wears this dress).

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Zoobies 3-in-1 plush pet giveaway

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one of my all time favorite books, and my kids love it just as much as I do.  We’ve gone through three copies of the board book edition of it in just under 6 years, and I’m guessing we’ll do at least one more before all is said and done.

Snuggling under blankets and reading books with my kids is one of my all time favorite activities- and the folks at Zoobies have found a way to combine two of my greatest loves into one adorable little package!  We received one of the Very Hungry Caterpillar Storytime Pals and I simply adore it.  Kids do, too!!

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Dora the Explorer Bathtime Buildable Play Set Giveaway

What’s more fun than playing with building blocks?  Playing with your favorite character themed building blocks!  MegaBloks offers The Dora Bathtime Playset- which comes with a build your own Dora doll, with 2 changeable skirts, 2 adorable little hangers for the skirts, a closet hanging rack, a tub, rubber duck, hairbrush- and blocks to make Dora’s bathtime just the way your little one wants!

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B. Toys- great fun and great for the Earth!

We love B. Toys around this house.  We’ve had the  Critter Clinic (old style of it) for almost 4 years, Meowsic (old style) for 2 1/2, Parum-pum-pom, the HelloPhone and the FunKeys.  Oh, and PopArty.  Actually, come to think if it, I’m fairly certain we have Whee-ls.    See what I mean?  We LOVE them.  Bright, vibrant colors that don’t chip or fade, and super durable materials for construction.  All B. Toys are lead and phalate free.  That means they are safe for our little ones even if they end up in their mouths!

The toys are all appealing to kids of many ages, but are also appropriate for the ages specifed for the toy.  Whee-ls, for example, have a softer body construction because they are made for littler children.   (A note, B. Toys were also known as Battat toys and when I say old style, that’s what I’m referring to).

The new B. Toys we’ve had to play with are the Alphaberry (or as we call it, Baby’s First Blackberry).  A fun shape, and a neat way to reinforce and learn ABC’s for 18 month-5 year olds.  Spin the colorful wheel on the side and change the display screen color.  Even on loud this is not a LOUD toy.  Lots of fun!

  • Push any button. A letter
    appears & is read aloud.
  • 3 screen colors
  • 4 musical styles of the
    alphabet song
  • Cozy in little hands
  • Auto-off and volume control
    (It can use its inside voice, too)

My kids are big big big into music- the older two sing in the Jr. Choir at church, and we have dance parties almost daily in the kitchen and living room.  When B. Toys sent the Okideoke, they went nuts.  FINALLY they can have a microphone and have their voices heard!! (I say that from their point of view, because I promise you, they are not quiet children.  They’ve been heard all along).  What’s not fun to a kid about having a microphone to hear themselves sound all sorts of famous?

  • Amplify your voice
  • 8 pre-recorded tunes
  • Record a message or a song
  • Control the tempo

We needed a new doctor kit.  Our old one literally disappeared, perhaps disintegrated from overplay?  I’m not sure.  But the new Dr. Doctor kit is awesome. I love that the doctor kit itself is large enough to add extra doctor-type items into- something our old one definitely did not.

  • Stethoscope with heartbeat sound
  • Beeper with light & sound (this does NOT come with the batteries so you have to get them yourself)
  • Otoscope & mirror
  • Blood pressure cuff
  • Syringe & scissors
  • Thermometer & tweezers

One thing besides the design (NEUTRAL!! and FUN!!) of the B. Toys that really makes them stand out to me from other toys is their consciousness of the world around us.  Their packaging is an excellent example of just how much they think about their impact on this earth.  The new B. Toys boxes actually double as wrapping paper-a few quick things to do and you have an already wrapped gift – and haven’t wasted a single piece of paper in doing so.  The box wraps are not hard to do: (instructions can be found here)

 B. Toys that do use batteries have different volume settings.  Parents, if you are like me, this is REALLY important.  There are some brands of toys that, while fun, are SUPER LOUD and give me an instant headache.  Thank you, smart people of B. Toys, for thinking of the ears of the adults in the house….the car….the store…

I would like to take a moment to give thanks to B. Toys for including (most of) the necessary batteries in the packaging.  Nice attention to detail, yet again!  Kids don’t have to wait for someone to locate enough batteries that are 1. not dead and 2. in the right size and 3. in the right quantity!!

You can find B. Toys at Target stores, Barnes & Noble and specialty retailers nationwide and many places online.  Just visit to find a retailer near you!  You’ll be helping to give back, too, when you purchase B. Toys.  For every toy purchased, 10 cents goes to Free the Children.

I received samples of this product to facilitate my review.  Opinions expressed within are my own.

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