Truvia Natural Sweetener- What a Mom Wants (May 7)

Truvia natural sweetener is a great tasting, natural, zero calorie sweetener made with rebiana, the best tasting part of the stevia leaf. Not only can be it be used to sweeten coffee/tea and cereal/fruit, but you can also cook with it.  Check out for several great recipes, including tasty dishes from Celebrity Chefs Sam Talbot and Marisa Churchill!


I tried some of the Truvia in my coffee-  its not my sugar…but it was sweet and didn’t leave a longlasting aftertaste like so many other sweeteners do.  I do like that there’s no texture with the Truvia.  If you don’t know by now I have a “thing” about food textures.  While this is not my favorite sweetener (I honestly would just rather have regular sugar, in lower quantities) its definitely a better option than other non calorie sweeteners and I think its definitely worth trying!!

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