Everyday Happy Herbivore Cookbook Giveaway


Everyday Happy Herbivore is Lindsay Nixon's 2nd wildly popular vegan AKA plant based cookbook.  I began following and chatting with Lindsay on Twitter about 2 years ago.  I have been making recipes from her website, happyherbivore.com,   all along and I was actually a tester for many of the recipes in this new cookbook. And, ...

The Tipsy Vegan cookbook review


The Tipsy Vegan came to me at just the right time of the year.he book starts with some Plastered Party Starters such as Flaming Hot Peanuts and Brusc  The week between Christmas and New Year is always the best time to sneak in a couple extra happy hours.  I might as well ...

Nacho Mom’s Vegan Queso Giveaway


Honestly,  Nacho Mom's Vegan Queso is addictive.  When the 3 jars arrived I could barely contain myself.  I have been making my own plant-based (vegan) queso but sometimes I don't want to take the time and we LOVE our chips and dips around this house.  So, with some chips handy I popped open the Ultimate ...

Blissful Bites Vegan Cookbook Review and Giveaway


Blissful Bite -Vegan Meals That Nourish Mind, Body and Planet was written by Christy Morgan AKA The Blissful Chef. I have been following and chatting with Christy on Twitter for quite some time now. She is a wonderful, caring, compassionate woman. Check our her site for great ideas and recipes. Christy wrote a truly beautiful ...

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