>The Love Magnet

>On Monday, I attended the funeral of Jamie Lynn.  Such a sad, sad day.  If you go to Jamie’s site you will see the words the priest and Jamie’s grandfather read at the mass.  So beautiful.  So poignant.   Inspiring.  The one phrase that stuck out in my mind today, thinking about Jamie, and wondering how her mom and dad are faring a few days after saying a final goodbye to their littlest child, was the “Love Magnet.”  Jamie was loved by thousands of people, all over this earth.  I would guess that 90% of them never met her in person, or saw that smile captured by her family and shared on her caringbridge site.  I feel fully and truly blessed in that I got to meet Jamie a few times, and see her.  If you have the time, and the tissues, read through the pages of the journal Jamie’s parents wrote, and then read the pages upon pages upon pages of expressions of love for this tiny little being.  My heart still aches for Jamie’s parents.  I think it will for the rest of my life.  Her story, and theirs, have touched me in a way that not many have.  One thing that has touched me, and I know many others, including the priest, is how many people just came together in thoughts, in prayers, in meals delivered, errands run, etc., all for this one tiny person.  Jamie really was a love magnet.  She brought love – selfless love- into so many hearts.  Just be being Jamie, she attracted love in so many ways.   I hope that you, too, will read her story, and let her love into your heart.  Just keep the tissues at hand.  I don’t imagine you’ll get through it all without using a few. 

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