The Walmart Ice Cream Social #IceCreamSocial

We planned our dinner hour a bit early this evening so we could treat the kids to The Walmart Ice Cream Social, which I called this morning to confirm was happening, and was told that yes a vendor would be at the store from 5-9 tonight, which is the information I received, and that is listed on their website.

Well, we arrived at the store and walked all through the grocery area, and even the summer fun section, but there wasn’t any sort of social of any kind going on.  Very confused, we went to customer service and the kid working was happy to share about the free ice creams a lady gave out from 3-4 near the ice cream section, free Nestle Drumsticks, he said.  He’d gotten 2 and was happy to report they were delicious.

My kids were crushed.  I’d promised them ice cream all day and here we were, standing in Walmart, and they didn’t have the promised ice cream. 

I did what any mom would do.  I opened up a 4 pack of  NESTLÉ® DRUMSTICK® cones after we looked around at the ice cream treats (I didn’t want to buy any more than that since we had one stop to make on the way home and it was hot)…and let the kids eat them right in the store while we finished up our shopping.  They of course thought this was the coolest.thing.ever. 

So I can’t tell you how The Ice Cream Social was, because apparently there was some miscommunication between the people who came to run the event and the store, but I can tell you that anyone who had been there for it thought the free ice cream was great.  The Drumsticks we got the kids looked delicious- I was a good girl and didn’t have one, but Mr. Bargains and all three kids polished theirs off before we got back to the van. 

I was kind of surprised how many varieties of the Drumsticks there are- we buy popsicles and basic ice cream, we just don’t seem to ever buy the ‘novelties’ in the ice cream section.  I just remember one kind of Drumstick as a kid at the ice cream truck and here there were different flavors, different sizes, and all sorts of different package sizes.  Thank goodness we found a 4 pack so we didn’t have to waste any ice cream (because that would be wrong).

We may have missed The Ice Cream Social but made our own fun and all’s well that ends well.  The kids got their ice cream they waited all day for, so they were happy.  They even got to try something new!  We also had a chance to take the time to look a lot closer at the ice cream novelties aisle, something we don’t really do- I can’t believe all of the different sizes of product there are- mini’s to extra large- and the package sizes- from single packs to huge value packs and everything in between.

“This shop/project has been compensated as part of a campaign for Nestlé”

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  • So bummed that you didn’t get to experience the Demo but love that your kids still got to enjoy Drumsticks. I’m amazed too at all the different flavors….mint is on my list to try.

  • I was afraid the same thing was going to happen to me. I called the store and they said they weren’t doing it. But lo and behold they were. I’m happy you bought some, opened it up and let the kids enjoy it in the store. Looks like you guys had lots of fun!

  • What a good mama… the kids look pleased as punch. I would have been super annoyed at the Wal-Mart employees though!

  • OH NO! I am sorry you had to pay for the ice cream! what a bummer! I am glad I did not trek down in the heat with my little ones to my Wal–Mart for the *chance* at some free ice cream.


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