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I entered a giveaway on another blog recently for Tie Buddies.  Then I realized, they’d be the perfect addition to my “Made by Moms, Loved by Kids” theme for Blogmania.  So I wrote them.  Oddly enough, the very next morning, I found out I actually won a giveaway!! WOOT!!  Although it was for the Tie Buddies, and I told the blogger to please choose another name.

Wendy from Tie Buddies sent us the girlie pink set- Fairies and Fairy Wands.  My girl was beside herself, because I’d just given her the light up sparkly shoes I got her for kindergarten.  She’s been trying for months to “get” shoe tying, with zero success.  She can do the starting knot and then gets jumbled up and F-R-U-S-T-R-A-T-E-D big time.

See these 2 little pink magical squares?  You actually get 2 of each of these when you buy Tie Buddies.  And yes, they are magical.  Within 48 hours of me putting these on Busy’s shoes- guess what? She could tie them. All by herself.  No screaming, no tears, no frustration.  The fact that they are pink and involve fairies and sparkles only adds to the cute factor around this house!!  I’m still amazed that these little tiny squares with 2 holes through them can work so well- so simple, so awesome.  I LOVE THEM. 
If I could make a smiley face in my blog (Can you do that?) there’d be a big puffy heart smiley faced guy right here.  Love.  Tie Buddies.  Me.  
My son turned 3 yesterday.  He asked me where his shoe shapes were, and will U-E-S bring them tomorrow?  (Translate: Am I getting Tie Buddies, Mama?  Will UPS bring them?).  I’m totally going to need to get him some.  How can I not?  They are actually going to help him, and honestly, I’m also noticing that Busy’s shoes aren’t coming untied as much as normal with the Tie Buddies on.  Double score!! 

Rumor has it there’s to be a more neutral set of Tie Buddies coming out soon.

Click here to see how it all works.

Put tie buddies on
cross over
pull tight
cross tie buddies
go over and then under
pull tight!
give a high five- your kid just tied their own shoes!! 

I haven’t had a chance yet to upload OUR pics of Tie Buddies but I want you all to have some time to visit Tie Buddies and see what they are all about before Blogmania so I’m only sharing stock photos for the most part this time.  My apologies.

You can find Tie Buddies on Facebook.
You can also find Tie Buddies on Twitter

I was provided with a sample of this product.  Opinions expressed within are my own.

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