“Truth Be Told” for Family Movie Night- Premieres 4/16

The premiere of “Truth Be Told” is THIS Saturday, April 16th on FOX at 8pm/7ct.  If you haven’t yet heard about “Truth Be Told,” its a family movie that stars Candace Cameron Bure (From “Full House” fame) who plays a marriage and family counselor who likes to work “outside the box” counsels that honesty is the key to successful relationships longterm.  Her character, Maddie Morgan, hasn’t ever been married, and as the movie description tells it, also doesn’t follow her own advice.  She gets a huge career opportunity to be on a radio show but the catch is, the guy giving her the chance wants her to spend the weekend at his family ranch in New Mexico with her family….he’d seen her with Mark and his 2 children at a social event and assumed they were a family, and insisted that her whole family come to spend the weekend at his ranch. What follows is the story of what happens once they arrive at the ranch together, pretending to be a family- and I won’t tell the rest because it would ruin the story.

I liked this movie, but I don’t mind movies like this- pretty predictable but I am OK with that.  Its a nice storyline and the characters are well cast, and well played.  I like the message it sends overall, and I think its important when watching family movies like this with your kids to take the chance during commercial breaks to not just refill drinks, but also to start conversations with our kids about lying, and what happens when we lie, how the lie doesn’t usually stay just a small lie, it grows and grows and gets more complex.  I think for a lot of parents watching programs like this help to open up the door to conversations that they might otherwise struggle with starting.  The lie in this movie, for example, wasn’t started with the intent to hurt anyone, but no one is comfortable with the actual lie very quickly and its easy for the kids to see while watching just how hard it is to keep a story straight when it is untrue, and how hard it is to live the lie. 

Most of our family movie nights are spent snuggled up on the couch in pajamas watching movies and munching on popcorn and enjoying some juice.  We usually end up having to pause movies for bathroom breaks if there aren’t commercials so we still get a chance to dialogue with the kids about what we’re watching.  

Check official the Family Movie Night “Truth Be Told” website and the Family Movie Night page on Facebook.

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  • Watched it for a bit last night while I was couponing. Cute show!

  • I am really looking forward to watching this. Need to remember to set my dvr.

  • It is really nice when there are actually Family Movies on tv… it is rare that we watch TV movies with the kids because they are trashy and/or don’t hold our values we want to teach our kids. Most Family movies mean a Disney dvd.. so this is really nice. Thanks!

  • I think candace cameron is gorgeous. But I can see it being predictable like the hallmark movies she does.

    • She totally is. DJ Tanner grew up!! I like her still now!!


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