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My kids could wallpaper our house, our neighbors, and probably many of yours with their art creations.  We spend a lot of time coloring, markering, using colored pencils, tracing, stenciling, sketching…we love to color, I guess!  With all of the time we spend creating things…we don’t always have the space to display projects, nor do we have the room to store them.  I had the chance to get some photos of the kids’ artwork and turn them into a memory book  at The UPS Store this week, and while we had some bumps in the road in getting our book, now that I know for sure which stores can help me to do this best, I will most definitely be making some more books, with more pages in them and a more specific layout in mind ahead of time. 

The idea of this project was to take images on a flash drive or a memory card to my local The UPS Store, but this is where we ran into issues.  We headed out first thing in the morning for an appointment, and my thinking was: stop at the store quickly, get my memory card read, get the project in motion, and pick it up after the appointment.  That would leave time after school for each of the kids to decorate, embellish, color, and put their personal touch on their brag books, with time to dry, so I could share photos of the process with you all….but once I got to the counter and asked where to begin my plans came to a screeching halt. 

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The process to create these books is, ultimately, quite simple (unless, of course, you are me, and what should have taken 25 minutes of your day takes over 8 hours…)-

Step 1: Take photos of your child’s artwork (or writing, school projects, etc).

Step 2: Load the photos you have taken from Step1 onto a flash drive or memory card

Step 3: Bring flash drive/memory card to local The UPS Store (maybe call first…just in case you have my luck!)

Step 4: Select your paper choice, cover choice and binding choice for your book

Step 5: Get your images uploaded from the memory card / flash drive

Step 6: Be sure your images are in the order you prefer, oriented the way you’d like

Step 7: Create your book

Step 8: Pay and bring home your book

Step 9: Embellish to your heart’s content!

Some of The UPS Stores will allow you to create projects like this online

Step 1: Locate  The UPS Store nearest to you that allows you to create projects online to pick up in store

Step 2: Create an account/Login to your account

Step 3: Start a new project – Be sure to give it a name!

Step 4: Upload whatever images you want to use, preview if you wish

Step 5: Choose binding, paper, cover material

Step 6: Create project! Send to store

Step 7: Pick up project

Step 8: Embellish to your heart’s desire

We are loyal Elmer’s glue users in this house.  I grew up with Elmer’s and its what I know, and trust.  We have all kinds of Elmer’s products for our crafting needs- both the kids and myself- even my husband uses Elmer’s for household projects!  I like the washable glue sticks or school glue for the kids, well, for obvious reasons…but lately my personal go-to products to grab for adhesive needs have been the Elmer’s dual tip pen (I feel like I can have greater control over where the glue goes) and the adhesive dots/strips in dispensers.  Of course Elmer’s was what we used to get our embellishments to adhere to the brag book we made- and I’m sure it’ll be what we use to embellish future brag books we make. 

This is definitely an affordable and fun project to do with your kids, a great way to preserve precious art memories and also a great gift idea! 

The UPS Store I was at doesn’t have the capability to do the memory card read.  No problem, I’ll head to the next closest store. 

But they don’t have the capability there, yet, either.

I decided to call the next closest store before driving over there.  I’m glad I did.  They aren’t able to create from a flash drive nor a memory card yet, either, but could send it out and have it back in a few days.  I explained that I didn’t have a few days… the woman I spoke with was very friendly and helpful and said if I could email her my images, she could have the book created at the only The UPS Store anywhere close to us and she could drive out herself to pick it up, and be back before their 6:00 close time.  I was very impressed with her helpfulness, and set to upload my photos from the new camera onto my computer so I could email them.

Except I had no internet.  Do you know those days, when absolutely nothing goes as planned?  That was my day.  Sigh.  When the internet finally came back on a few hours later, I got all of the photos uploaded FINALLY, and emailed them to her. 

I called her back to confirm she’d received the images and she said she wasn’t able to do it unless I converted my images to a PDF.  At this point I wasn’t feeling well and I had a feisty toddler on my hip and a schoolbus about to drop off my Kindergartener, and I thanked her for her help and said I would figure something out. 

This is when panic kind of set in.  What was I to do?  I’d already told the kids about the cute books we’d be making of their pictures, and they were both excited about doing some decorations and using their beloved GLUE to get the decorations to stick!!  That, and I had a deadline. 

I called one more store, a bit further away.  Turns out, he CAN read from a flash drive OR a memory card, but I wasn’t able to drive out to him in time, so I emailed my images, and promised to be there by 6:30 PM when they closed.  He had the book done, which I honestly made one book out of the 2 and will be making some more with the kids in the next few weeks…within an hour. 

What a crazy adventure, for a fun craft project to preserve some of the kids’ favorite projects!!  The price was most definitely right, though- 14 images cost just $6.89 out the door.  Given the chance to peruse the options and make some choices in person at the store (which we will be doing again in the upcoming weeks, I think during April vacation), I know we can really have some fun and make these VERY personal keepsakes or even gifts for others!!  (My mom would have adored books like this, for her to enjoy the kids’ artwork and to see what they had to say and wanted to show her of their art, and being able to look at it when she missed them!!)

This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for #collectivebias. Opinions expressed within are my own.

About the author: I’m a 30-something mom to three, brand ambassador. content creator, social media maven, blogger extraordinaire, earth lover, butcher, baker, candlestick maker (or something along those lines) – love word games, crafting, cake decorating or shooting pictures.

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