Walmart brings back layaway

Walmart is bringing back layaway! There will be a few changes from when they use to offer layaway, but at least you will have that option again. It will roll out October 17, just in time for the holiday season and will only stick around through December 16.You will need to have a minimum purchase of $50 and each item will need to be priced at $15 or more. There will be a $5 layaway fee, you will need to pay 10% down and complete their payment schedule. You will be required to pick up your layaway no later than December 16 or pay a $10 cancellation fee. Walmart still offers layaway on their fine jewelry year round.

Layaway isn’t for everyone! But to be honest we used layaway for many years, for the mere fact that we have nosy kiddos! Having a place to hind Santa gifts from the kiddos until December 16, means I only have to hide for a few weeks! Causing a little less stress and keeping me from having to shop Christmas Eve!! So are you happy to see it back?

There are still several other stores that offer layaway as well, Sears, Kmart and Toys R Us- they all have their own rules and fees.

Thanks Chicago Tribune!  (and Just Trying to Save Money!)

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  • I’m glad to here they’re bringing it back.

  • Since we have children that tend to make what I like to call high Santa demands, layaway sounds like a sweet idea for big purchases. We have really stepped away from using credit for gift purchases and clothes and everyday needs. Since doing that we have been able to ultimately cut our card debit to nothing. Sadly though my daughter’s braces will be going on the plastic soon though but I would never go backwards and charge a toy for the kids.

  • Wow – I remember Lay-a-way when I was little – back to school clothes was what my mom always put on lay-a-way. I wonder what the demand will be like for it? No days most people would probably just whip out a credit card if they could.

  • Awesome…I’m so excited!! I didn’t know they were bringing it back until I read your post!!

  • Layaway is a Godsend for many of us. It’s the only way we can get what we want to get for our children’s holiday gifts. K-Mart also has a layaway plan.

  • Since we live 40 minutes away from any stores, closest being Walmart, this works for us! I’m hoping you can shop online and use ship to store with layaway.. that would be perfect for us!

  • I only used Walmart’s layaway a few times, and it never had any fees. I had no idea they’d done away with it – they must have had too much lost from people not claiming their items and making payments.
    I don’t like all the fees, and don’t plan to use the ‘service’.


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