What’s your secret wish for the holidays? #Slimfessions #giveaway

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Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away.  The holidays are HERE, my friends.  Someone is likely to ask what your secret wish for the holidays  is- and my question is, are you honest?  Or do you say one thing but mean another?!  I’m sure most of us have a secret wish at holiday time.  Sometimes things you say are different than the things you’re actually thinking. You may say you want to look great in your holiday dress but what you really want is to impress your in-laws that you haven’t seen since last Christmas.

Or like me, maybe you really just want for the holidays to feel like they did when you were a kid.  That magic, the togetherness, the memory making.

Or to make it through a holiday event that involves a lot of stress without showing that stress in your voice or body language.

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  • For my husband to get the job he wants.

  • To win a big trip.
    Thanks for the contest.

  • to get to travel soon

  • My secret holiday wish is that my health improves over the next several months.

  • My secret holiday wish is a new heart so I can enjoy many more holidays.

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  • My secret wish is peace. And health.

  • i need some workout gear

  • I wish for improved health for my mom

  • My wish is to make a meal that tastes great for my family.

  • I wish to get pregnant!

  • To be able to spend time with friends and family!

  • I’ve worked hard this year to not just lose the baby weight (my “baby” almost 2) but to be healthy, I want to enjoy the holidays without worrying about what I eat I want to indulge and enjoy in holiday sweets and yummy foods but do it in moderation.


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