Where do you go to save money online?

Answers.com has a coupon site to help us consumers find information to save us money in a one-stop kind of way. Coupons.Answers.com not only offers coupons to save us money on the brands and products we are seeking out specifically, but also offers an interactive community forum.

I love community forums- not just for saving money, but for anything.  We were actually researching new washing machines a few months ago, because we thought ours was dying, and in searching for a new washer, and a good deal on one, stumbled onto a forum that shared information on how to fix the problem ourselves- for FREE, and without having to hire someone!  THAT is the best coupon of all, right?

At Coupons.Answers.com you’ll find all of the current available discounts from your favorite stores and items such as electronics, home and gardening products, toys and more.

Coupons are easy to find on Coupons.Answers.com.  Simply type the product you are searching for into the search bar to find matching results.  You can also browse by type of coupon (percent off, dollars off, free gift with purchase, etc) or by category.   I’m looking forward to the Local Coupons section “coming soon” because I love to support local businesses too.   There’s even a Facebook app for this site!

What kinds of savings do you look for? Do you research the product and then hunt for deals?  Do you just look for deals and bargains?  I want to know!

PS If anyone can help me find a hot deal on an iPad3 I’ll love you forever!

About the author: I’m a 30-something mom to three, brand ambassador. content creator, social media maven, blogger extraordinaire, earth lover, butcher, baker, candlestick maker (or something along those lines) – love word games, crafting, cake decorating or shooting pictures.

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