>Why Family Game Nights are Important (to me)

>I’m going to talk about a review in a bit different format than I normally do.  Why?  Well, I’m feeling really nostalgic and having all sorts of warm fuzzies about the time I spent with my family and friends on Lake Winnipesaukee for just about every summer of my childhood, and Hasbro sent me these card games, which are versions of board games we played, oh, about eleventy billion times at the lake or at friends’ houses on vacation.

So the games made me all mushy and I want to share with everyone WHY it is that I think family game nights are so very important.  Please note, this can actually be a family game morning, or afternoon, or weekend, or overnight.  The when is not what matters.  Its the action and doing it.  I can promise you that it WILL stick with your children, and it DOES make a difference, because one day, they may very well grow up and be at odds with you for whatever reason, and you may mend things, and things may be wonderful.  But they may grow up like me, and find that a few short years after mending fences- sitting here blogging about really fun games and wishing like mad that my mom was alive to play one more game of anything.  Or that my dad, bless his heart, wasn’t going through Progressive Aphasia, forgetting so much, so fast.  I would do anything to have one more family game night, with my parents.  I am beyond blessed that my dad has just moved to CT and lives just 15 minutes from us now, although I’m not sure he could follow any sort of card game or board game.  He’d sit and enjoy watching us play, soaking up the family happiness, and loving the looks on his grandchildren’s faces.

I  would love for my kids to grow up knowing how my mom always “rolled” horribly at dice during Parcheesi games, or just never seemed to have that run in Rummy, and miraculously lost every.single.game in the history of my family.   My Busy B did know my mom, but she wasn’t old enough for memories to sink in when mom got sick, and they did play games on mom’s bed, but I’m not sure B even remembers it now, only a year later.  I just have to keep telling them the stories, and share my memories- it would just make my heart all sorts of happy if my kids could know that side of my parents.

We have started our own little family game times, in our house, we 5- although my Baby B is too little to join in, she prefers to grab pieces and chew on them…but someday, all too soon, she, too, will be playing along with us.  And I can only hope that my kids will grow up and see how important family game nights are, and know they’ll make a difference for their kids- and treasure the memories as I do.

Stay tuned for the good things that come in small packages that inspired this post!!

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