“World’s Greatest TV Dad” contest on ManoftheHouse.com

Have you heard about the “World’s Greatest TV Dad” contest hosted on ManOfTheHouse.com?  Now through June 16 you can cast your vote and have your say in who the World’s Greatest TV Dad is!!

I have a father, and I have a dad.  I’m going to share about my dad today.   My dad is my everything.  He’s my hero.  I can tell you that I used to have a very different view of my relationship with my dad, but we all know hindsight is 20/20 and I can assure you- he’s my everything.  My dad was never a “cook” but he did what he needed to do – he provided for us, he brought us to appointments and events, and he sacrificed of himself so that we kids could grow up enjoying summers on Lake Winnipesaukee, and having family vacations.  He taught me to ride a bike- and when I fell, he helped me to get up, cleaned me off, and got me right back on that bike.  He yelled when he needed to, was silent when necessary, and wasn’t afraid to punish or give consequences when I screwed up (often).  He wasn’t perfect but he was real and he was THERE in so many ways.  He sat opposite my mom at the dinner table and we ate dinner as a family, every night for I don’t know how long!! 

My husband is very, very much like my dad.  He is a wonderful provider- not just in the financial sense (especially since I’m a stay home mom) but also in the physical sense- he can make, build or fix just about anything and make it awesome.  He plays with the kids, he reads with them – he’s not scared of diapers or pony tails- he’ll check, double check and triple check to make things are safe and secure to protect our little ones- he works hard and goes without just like my dad did.  He’s my other everything, I guess.  He has been known to spend an entire day browsing bunk bed designs to make the kids a super fun super cool super safe bed – he’s also been known to spend a good part of the day enjoying tea party after tea party after tea party. He may not be perfect but he’s all around amazing!!

There’s been so many memorable TV dads (you totally should visit Man of the House.com so you can look around and walk down memory lane!) but I think the dad who strikes the strongest chord in my heart may be Bill Cosby as Cliff Huxtable- oh, how I loved him.  So fun, so silly, so effective as a parent…and beloved by all.  He taught lessons without a huge lecture, and seemed to show such an example of how a father can and should be involved in so many phases of his children’s lives.  Just the site is fun to visit- even shows I loved but forgot about- and so many favorites- Who’s The Boss, Good Times, so many more- this is seriously a fun contest to cast a vote in!!

Who are YOU voting for in the brackets for World’s Greatest TV Dad?  I want to know!! 

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