>4 lbs confectioners sugar, 2 cups of crisco and a GIGANTIC mess

>And, 4 hours of my time tonight.  For what?


I am wiped, man.  And all I can smell is buttercream icing!!  But tomorrow we celebrate my older kids’ birthdays with a few of their friends and their cakes are as requested.  Busy B wanted a rainbow cake, so Ariel is a rainbow inside.  Buddy wanted yellow, then blue, then green cake.  I complied.

I hope they taste ok.  I also hope they travel to the party just fine!!
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  • >Very good job! I love cakes like that, instead of the ones that you just put a picture on. I miss people who do cakes that way, you did a GREAT job!Heather K.http://www.airplanesanddragonflies.blogspot.com/
  • >lol. i love watching the great cake bakeoff things on foodnetwork. and i always think, "man, i could do that for a living". ha! it's always looks fun when someone else is up to their armpits in frosting and fondant! no realizing the work involved. i bet your beat!they're GREAT!!!if i made cakes for a living i'd be in the hospital for sugar O.D. did you lick your fingers a lot? did you get that fuzzy, hyper thing going on? not good!
  • >They look amazing, great job!
  • >Nice job, mama! I hope yours transport better than my princess castle cake did this past weekend!

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