Beat Holiday Stress with Your Smartphone (Prize Pack Giveaway)

After waiting an entire year for the winter holiday season to roll around again, it’s time to make your holiday to do’s fun, easy, and most importantly… quick. Now, more than ever, your smartphone will help complete your once time-consuming and stressful activities all from the palm of your hand.  Hooray for timesavers!!  Saving time on these tasks means more time to spend with family and friends and enjoying ourselves. It also means less stress on us, and less stress is never a bad thing. I can tell you MY smartphone has saved my sanity simply thanks to my calendar altert function on my phone!

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Lifestyle and technology expert to the world’s brightest stars, Janna Robinson, who also serves as host of the popular Hollywood Hi-Tech show on the DIY Network, is helping us to beat holiday stress– with our smartphones. With her vast experience in the world of entertainment, technology, and design, Janna will introduce an easy way to navigate through the new world of applications, available in the Google Play store. Finding delicious recipes, creating shopping lists, and sending all your loved one’s unique holiday cards are just some of the apps you can utilize to ensure your home stays stress free in this year’s app-happy winter wonderland.

Get some help this year from Janna and U.S. Cellular doing some of your fun and important everyday tasks:

•             Don’t let your holiday joy lessen your bank account – Track and save your money.
•             Get to every holiday party on time – Update your calendar.
•             Keep your family full – Find new recipes and have your favorites within reach.
•             Make sure everyone has something under the tree – Shop online till you drop.


Check for locations near you.

More About Janna Robinson

As the host of DIY Network’s Hollywood Hi-TechJanna has become one of the country’s most relied upon voice on all-things lifestyle and technology. Before bringing new technology into the homes of celebrities and non-celebrities alike, she began her success venture into the entertainment world while working as an assistant for a movie producer, where she honed her interior design and tech-savvy skills. She has transformed the homes of many beloved stars including Paris Hilton, Oliver Stone, Rob Lowe, Marcia Cross, Mario Lopez, Josh Duhamel and Fergie. She also appears as a tech expert and correspondent for various media outlets, including EXTRATODAYTIMEReal SimpleHomeInStyle Home and Sound & Vision.

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 One reader will win a prize pack including a robe, slippers, StarLytes candles, Holiday Tea tin, Ghirardelli chocolates, a Burt’s Bees skincare set, a 2GB flash drive and a $10 Google Play Card!
To Enter:
Leave a comment and tell me one of your tips to beat holiday stress
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What states is US Cellular available to?
Share this givewaway on ANY social networking site (one share per network per day just leave a sep. comment for each)
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This giveaway will end on December 20, 2011 at 11:59pm EST. US only. Winner to be chosen randomly.
I received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to share this. Opinions are my own.

About the author: I’m a 30-something mom to three, brand ambassador. content creator, social media maven, blogger extraordinaire, earth lover, butcher, baker, candlestick maker (or something along those lines) – love word games, crafting, cake decorating or shooting pictures.

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  • weinstein
  • us cellular is available in all 50 states but not solid in all states
  • weintein
  • to beat holiday stress i hug and kiss on my 3 4 legged girls
  • read a book! you can't be stressed if you're reading.
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  • I indulge in a lot of peppermint mochas from Starbucks :)
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  • It appears US Cellular has coverage in all 50 states based on the map.
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  • I beat holiday stress by taking time for me to relax by reading, taking a bath or doing something I enjoy.
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  • Us Cellular has coverage in all states from what I can see on their coverage map.
  • Start shopping early to avoid last minute crowds and stress.
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  • US Cellular seems to have coverage in all 50 states.
  • I like to schedule a spa day about a week before Christmas where I get my hair & nails done.. maybe even a massage!
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  • Take a bubble bath with no interruptions or outside noise! :)
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  • I buy things way before Christmas if I see them on sale or have a nice price :)
  • US Cellular seems to have coverage in every state but spotty in some areas. Hawaii isn't pictured on the map so im not too sure about that.
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  • I commented on the life insurance post
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  • All of them but I can't get the map to show AK or HI so maybe not those 2.
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  • Beat Holiday stress by taking baths and reading to escape!
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  • it has coverage in all 50 states
  • left comment on life insurance post
  • beat holiday stress by throwing on some cheerful holiday music and dancing
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  • It looks like US Cellular is available everywhere, except maybe Hawaii as I don't see it on the map.
  • My tip: Eat lots and lots of chocolate. Apparently scientists can now prove what I've been saying for years, chocolates is a great stress reliever. :)
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  • It looks like US Cellular has coverage in all 50 states.
  • One of my tips to beat holiday stress is to snuggle on the couch with the kids and watch classic Christmas movies like 'White Christmas'.
  • My tip is to take time out to relax and enjoy the holidays by planning ahead. The more things you leave until the last minute the more stressful things can be.
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  • checked US Cellular coverage and seems to cover all states - some more fully than others.
  • I do this year round but on Google Documents I use to put a list of items that I wanted to get someone when I saw it throughout the year and added the name of who I wanted to get it for. Nowadays with Pinterest, I find it easier as I like the hidden board where I can add the actual pins of items. Come Black Friday/Cyber Monday, I can browse through this list and pick the BEST item for my friends/family.
  • Long hot baths are great.
  • whatever it is it's all good, there are worse things so just shrug it off
  • looks like it's avail in midwest illinois, wisonsin etc
  • start shopping early, so that you can enjoy the holidays [email protected]
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  • It is available to all of the states in the US
  • One way I beat the stress is to make sure I have a list of what needs to get done. That way I can mark it off as I go and not worry that I am forgetting something
  • Looks like US cellular covers the whole nation. Diana C
  • The best way for me to beat stress? Watch the joy on the faces of my children!
  • I posted a comment on Re: life insurance. Diana C
  • Best way to beat the holiday stress is to remember why we are celebrating this season. It helps to calm me down. Diana C
  • I make a list!!
  • I did leave a comment here about keeping finances organized.
  • tweeted
  • I did check US Cell coverage and they cover all states of the US but appears to have some spotty coverage in some of the Western states.
  • I did leave a comment on your post about life insurance. thanks!
  • Well, I would say don't leave everything for the last minute, but have to learn to take my own advice;)
  • I commented on " How do you keep finances organized?" Leah CB
  • From the map US Cellular seems to be available to all of the states.
  • I commented on "What made us decide to get life insurance policies" Leah CB
  • One of the ways I beat stress is to retreat & work on one of my crafts that I have ongoing. Right now I'm working on my nephew's stocking. Also I shop online. It's so much easier & less stressful.
  • I try to finish my shopping in November so I don't have to go to the mall during the madness.
  • My tip is start early! Make lists for gifts, food, cleaning, etc. it really makes a difference and keeps things more calm and manageable.
  • I commented on the site answering how I keep my finances organized.
  • U.S. Cellular is in all states.
  • I left a comment on the life insurance website.
  • One of my tips to beat holiday stress is to just say no!
  • I left a comment on the life insurance post
  • They cover all states
  • I take some extra time off of work
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  • Looks like they cover all states
  • Beat the stress by taking a nice long warm bath
  • We only get everyone one gift each! I am totally not stressed... been done with that months ago!
  • I commented on the "keeping finances organized" post on 12/13
  • In looking at the coverage map, it looks like they have coverage in all 50 states
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  • I commented on the "life insurance policies" post 12/13
  • An easy way to beat holiday stress is by staying organized. I hope I win this prize! It would be great!!!!
  • Tips for a stress-free holiday party - Don't aim for perfection and don't be afraid to ask (or accept) help if you need it.
  • One the tips I have to beat holiday stress is to make lists and try to stay as organized as possible.
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  • It looks on the map like US Cellular is available in all states except maybe Hawaii? [email protected]
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  • My tip is to give people gift cards and let them choose what they want, it's so much easier.
  • Start early this avoids a lot of stress decorate early so you can sit back and enjoy before you have to take everything down this helps a lot. Thankyou, Ken
  • I tweeted here..........
  • Beat the stress by watching holiday movies with the fam.
  • Take time out for yourself and don't let the rush of the holidays get to you. Start shopping early so you don't have to do it all at once. Thanks. partymix25(at)hotmail(dot)com
  • they have coverage in all 50 states
  • don't try to do everything at once - start early shopping and decorating
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  • I beat holiday stress by shpping on line. It saves me money, time and gas! [email protected]
  • do some online shopping, avoid stores
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  • I try to beat holiday stress by shopping early and having it done
  • From the look of the map coverage is nationwide
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  • I write a lot of lists and prepare as far ahead as possible to avoid holiday stress
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  • It looks like US Cellular is available in at least part of every state.
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  • From a scheduling perspective, we treat this time of year like any other time - balancing the fun stuff with not overbooking!
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  • Available pretty much in the whole United States! nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com
  • Just take it one day at a time and do some online shopping! So much less stressful :) nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com
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  • I like to make a fancy coffee or hot cocoa, sit back on the couch with the doggies and a comfy blanket and watch a good movie. I don't get to do it very often, so it is a nice relaxing treat when I do.
  • What states is US Cellular available to? All of them.
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  • Tip - Relax. Don't let things get to you. Nothing has to be perfect.
  • My best tip to lessen stress is to not try to attend every party/gathering. We get several invitations and it's just not doable to make it to all of them. We also have a rule, no more than one party/day.
  • Sit back and enjoy the holidays. Don't wait until the last minute for everything, it will make you crazy.
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  • i usually read a book or play on my computer at night to help me with the stress! i over think everything all the time so I try my best to stop thinking about it...never really works
  • I shop for gifts all year long and store them away.
  • Leave a comment on this post sibabe64 at ptd dot net
  • What states is US Cellular available to? it seems like all of them sibabe64 at ptd dot net
  • Don't get so caught up on the material stuff. Take time to sit back and enjoy your family
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  • Leave a comment on this post sibabe64 at ptd dot net
  • Shop Early and get someone else to wrap your gifts even if you have to pay them. They have local places that take donations. I never did it but this year I will sibabe64 at ptd dot net
  • I try to do a little cooking or a little wrapping every day so I am not overloaded the last few days :)
  • I take breaks and do something relaxing like go for coffee
  • Commented on the Life Insurance Post. kelseylouiseapley at gmail dot com
  • I try to spread out cooking over a few days so I don't do it all at once. And I shop all year round for gifts when I find great deals. kelseylouiseapley at gmail dot com
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  • plan menu and grocery shop early.
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  • Shop and wrap the presents early. Thank you! jackievillano at gmail dot com