California Wine Club is spoiling me. You should let them spoil you, too.

Last month, I was introduced to the greatness of the California Wine Club.  I have to say that the very idea of someone selecting quality wines for me and shipping them to my door is appealing on its own, but the folks at California Wine Club (see how I liked my first shipment) really know their business.  They pay attention to detail and really seem to want us to know the who, the what, the when, the where and the why of the wines they include in club shipments.   I’m becoming spoiled, having this wonderfulness brought to my door.

Each package arrives very carefully protected from breakage or the elements, and each includes a monthly newsletter giving information and history about not only the wines in the box but also the wineries they are from.  Not sure you want to enjoy your wines immediately?  Don’t worry- they’ll let you know how long you can keep your wine and still enjoy it. This is key information for those of us who are kind of (or completely) clueless about what wines to buy to go with which foods, occasions, etc., particularly with the holidays upon us and wine being such a great gift for a host or hostess.  Don’t forget they have a free app you can get that helps with these decisions (I have it).

Gewürztraminer may well be my new favorite wine, and this was the first out of the box this month.  Oh, sweet, fruity wine-y ness.   I love this wine.  Its just wonderful.  You do want to serve this one well chilled, so you can enjoy the fruity flavors dancing around in your mouth.  Listen to me, like I know my wines.

Aromas of jasmine and ginger lead to lush, tropical fruit flavors. Like Gewürztraminer in France, where the grape originated, this bottling has lots of nice fruity character.

Castoro’s Gewürz is made in such small quantities that the winery has never submitted it for review or competitions.

The final blend was 77% Gewürztraminer, 15% Viognier and 8% Muscat Canelli. This Gewürz is a terrific aperitif and great with salads, Japanese or Thai cuisine. Serve chilled.

 Pinot Noir “Blind Faith”also  came to us this month.  As I said before, I’m not a red wine girl- and honestly, we’ve not opened the “Blind Faith” which I will elaborate on in a moment- but I have no doubts that it will be great.  These are, after all, from the Castoro Cellars, and they are dam fine wines.  (Oh yes, I said dam. Not damn, like the naughty word, but dam like a beaver.  See in the photo? I was being funny).

See, one of my sisters is taking an ecology course.  She called Mr. Bargains for some help since he’s an environmentally minded kind of guy, and as it turns out, what she needed help with related to beavers and beaver dams…so when these wines arrived, we knew that we needed to gift one to my sister, it was too funny not to.  Plus, she’s a wine lover, especially red wines, and we knew she’d appreciate it.  She’ll be enjoying it once her final project (including the beaver dams) is turned in.  I’m still waiting to hear if she plans to include my photograph in her report or not…

Savor the concentrated fruit aromas that are a hallmark of Castoro’s “Blind Faith” Pinot Noir. On the palate, you’ll find black cherry and tea notes, toasty, smoky flavors and every reason to take another sip!

This wine was just released, so no awards or reviews are available, but expect some great kudos. Pedigree: the ’09 won two Gold Medals, three Silver and two Bronze.

Enjoy now or hold up to five years. Serve with lighter meats like poultry as well as pork chops, ham, and a Castoro favorite, grilled salmon.

Remember that you can save 10% off of every order you place for California Wine Club using the code mamaloves!  This would make such a GREAT holiday, birthday, or any old reason gift (hint, hint, hint?!?!) especially for those on your list who have “everything” already!!

This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media and Calinfornia Wine Club. Opinions are my own.

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