Can local honey help with seasonal allergies? #ClaritinMomCrew

If you have seasonal allergies, or have someone in your family who suffers from them, you’ve probably researched ways to help relieve allergy symptoms.  When it became apparent a few years ago that my little guy suffered from seasonal allergies, one of the first things I did was start researching effective remedies.  My kids are all very fair-skinned and the skin under his eyes turns almost blue during allergy season.  That’s his only visible symptom – at least physically speaking.  Unfortunately for him, his allergies cause behavior issues that make him act out of character.  It’s no fun for anyone.

One way that pops up time and time again is consuming local honey.  Why?  Well, basically, in my short and non scientific version of explanations, local honey is made from local bees.  Local bees carry local pollen.  The local honey has small amounts of the local pollen.  By consuming local honey on a regular basis, you are exposing yourself to the very allergens you are allergic to and building up an immunity.

Say what, now?

Yes.  I’m serious.

Exposing the person to the allergen in very small amounts can help build immunity.  Or eating the allergen.  But that doesn’t sound as good.

I believe in this theory.

More importantly, I practice this.  We are very fortunate that my uncle-in-law is a beekeeper…and likes to share his honey stores.  Every Christmas, we all get a jar of his honey.  He knows how much I go through each year and has started giving us larger jars, and more than one.  He even gives me the crystallized or granulated honey that looks kind of “ick”  but still has the wonderful goodness of honey- that’s the stuff I bake and cook with.

Mind you, this isn’t a miracle solution.  We still have allergy symptoms.  But honestly, there’s a very marked difference when we’re regularly consuming the local honey before and during allergy season compared to when we aren’t, or when I forget for several days in a row (I am human, right?).  The combination that’s working really well for us right now is a Children’s Claritin tab in the morning plus local honey a few times each day.

All of this leads me to believe that there is SOMETHING to the idea that consuming local honey helps to relieve (or at least diminish) seasonal allergies.

An added bonus to consuming local honey? You are supporting a local beekeeper!

I’m a Claritin Mom Crew member- so you’ll be finding some allergy posts from me throughout the year.  I’m trying to compile a list of suggestions and ideas of ways to help prevent and/or alleviate symptoms so if you have any suggestions to share, please let me know!! I will link to you and/or give you credit in my post, of course.


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  • How interesting! Thanks for the information. We suffer from seasonal allergies and would try anything to lessen the symptoms!
  • Hi there. What a smart idea. I am a crew member too. Still waiting for my stuff though. Can't try it yet. I can try the local honey though. My kids will love that. Thanks Paula Http:// @inkscrblr
    • oh i'm sorry you didn't get yours yet- maybe tomorrow!!
  • I am a "Let's always try the natural approach first" type of person and mom, so we have been using local honey for a long time. For me, I notice it only works when I CHUG water and use my herbal Allergen pills as well. However, local honey is amazing for sore throats and coughs as well.
    • marcie, when did you start the herbal allergy pills? i mean how old were you?
  • on THE REVOLUTION on Monday, the doctor said it's not true
    • denise- i have heard arguments for both sides of this. i decided to share our experience using it since we've noticed an improvement in my son's allergy symptoms when using it!!

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