Catching snowballs with Tobey #RecipeForMoments

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Our family is a pet family. I can’t imagine ever not having a pet. I’ve had dogs my entire life, and since I met my husband, cats too.  The thing about our beloved pets is that they aren’t “just” a pet.  They are a part of the family.  When my kids talk about our family, they name Tobey, Rosabeth and Lloyd.  We celebrate their birthdays.  But one of my favorite things about having our pets is how they are with us in happy and in sad times…and they are just there, accepting our love and giving it in return.

Our Tobey is almost 13 years old.  You’ve seen him before, in my favorite Tobey picture of all time.



In this picture, we’d just removed some burrs from the yard from his fur.  He was saying thank you.  We’d been playing Frisbee and he chased one into the bushes in the side of the yard.

When my mom died, Tobey did not leave my side, not once, except to go outside.  He was there, laying right up next to me or curled up at my feet for days.  When each of our kids were born, Tobey kept steady watch over each of them.  He’d lay under the swing or outside their door.  He’s shared so many of our family moments and he’s just been such a huge part of our family for so long!

As Tobey gets older, he’s not able to do as much.  He’s slower to get up, and it’s clear that his hips have been starting to ache more and more of the time.  Given that it’s winter, it’s harder to bring him to a pond or lake to splash in the water and have  swim.  But we still love to give him play time, and have him be an active part of our family.  Since winter is cold and he can’t do what he normally does outside, we improvise.

tobeysnow catch

Tobey’s favorite winter moments are when we bring him outside and toss snowballs in the air for him to catch, and then come inside and snuggle in front of the fire. The snowball catching is when he’s happiest.  He LOVES catching snowballs! He gets so excited when we toss them, and once in a while, he even gets his puppy crazies as we call them, and starts running in circles. I love seeing him so excited and active- and I love watching my kids play the same things we’ve played together with Tobey with him.

naturesrecipe moments


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  • Tobey looks like our Scout and he will be 12 in November. He is starting to have a hard time getting up. I hate it when they get old. Makes me sad:(
    • Me too. It breaks my heart :(
  • Toby is soooo sweet! The rewards of loving a dog and watching him grow old are greater than anything. 3-paws up to you for standing by his side through thick and thin.
  • Awwww, I love your Toby! I wish I could hug on him!
  • Awww! Toby is too adorable! I totally enjoyed your story! Love the pics too!
  • Tobey is such a gorgeous dog. Thank you for sharing him with us!
  • Good luck with the contest (a collar camera is cool!). I loved your story. It's amazing how in tune to things dogs are, isn't it? We grew up with dogs and they were family.
  • What a sweet story! I do think pets understand special moments, at least to some degree. Like when a new family member is added it seems like they know and recognize that.
  • Awwww! How cute!! Your puppy looks like he's having such fun catching snow balls! What a great family moment :)
  • Love your dog. So cute catching the snowballs
  • Sharp Looking Dog I Treat My Cats Like Part Of The Family Too In't Know What I Would Do Without Them!!
  • Okay, I have to admit it, I LOVE the picture with your doggy and the snow. Too cute!

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