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There’s a new sheriff in town!
We were able to choose a costume from Costume Supercenter to review.  Since my boy is all about Toy Story 3 and we have all of 1 ‘boyish’ item in our dress up bin, I figured we should maybe let him have a choice of something. He chose Woody.  Wise choice.
Here are my thoughts on our Woody costume:
Nice quality fabric.  Easy on and off- fairly stretchy, non itchy fabric.  My little guy was able to put this on almost all the way by himself and he’s not 3 till 9/5!!  
Cute details- I love how the little vest kind of “flaps” when he moves- like he’s really wearing a vest…there are many details like a gun holster (thank you Disney for not including an actual gun in the costume), buttons, a sheriff badge- all SEWN on.  This is such a great feature and honestly, I’d be willing to pay a bit more for- no little pieces to store and keep track of.  
I also like how the boots are actually just shoe covers, so I can keep my little guy in sturdy, comfortable shoes when its time for Trick or Treat (and dress up)!  
The hat is a pretty sturdy material, and comes with a cardboard insert for storage to help it keep shape.  Nice touch there, I think. 
I will say, that, as many costumes do, this runs on the small side.  Buddy is 31 lbs and not quite 3 and this the boys’ small size- 4-6- and it isn’t very long on him.  Definitely size UP when ordering (I use that as a rule of thumb on every costume I’ve bought anyway).  
I *So* wish my kids would want to be matchy this year (last year, I had 2 monkeys and a baby banana).  But alas, it seems as though those days are gone already.  Busy B wants to be “Ariel” 
and really what fun would Ariel be without the famous red hair? 
I saw this for Baby B and its so.flipping.cute.
A wobbly toddler dressed as Kermit the Frog?  LOVE IT!!
Costume Supercenter has a huge, HUGE variety of costumes- from infant bunting costumes to adult ahem…sexy costumes…and just about everything in between.  
Another thing I like about this site is FREE shipping BOTH WAYS!! for returns and exchanges!  It seems like more and more sites are charging higher and higher shipping rates for less customer service and when I find someone still interested in good customer service it makes me happy!!

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This post was written for Family Review Network & Costume Supercenter who
provided the complimentary product in exchange for my honest reviwew

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  • >Your little man looks adorable! Don't you just love that Costume Supercenter has such a HUGE selction?!?!
  • >FREE shipping both ways is awesome! I had to pay for shipping to return something to Overstock once and I won't ever buy from them again because of it. Love a company that believes so much in its product that it offers this kind of service!
  • >Toy Story 3 was my son's first movie theatre experience, he would love this woody costume! Your kiddo looks great! it's nice to have a boy dress up, there are so many girl things, but not enough fun boy stuff!
  • >So cute! He looks great! They have tons of costumes!!!
  • >Oh how cute he looks! I love the "boots"

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