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Wil, Fitz and a Flea Named T is the story of Wil going to gather apples for his grandma, and the lesson he learned along the way from a flea named…you guessed it, T!! – T lives on Wil’s dog, Fritz.  Anyway, Wil is sent to gather apples but took the easy road to find them, and realized almost too late that there weren’t any to find.  T has him go back to where he chose the easier path and guides him to choose the other path, and Wil learns that the easy way isn’t always the best nor the right way, and ends up having plenty of apples to bring to his gram.  This is a sweet story with tons of rhyming words- I definitely think it may be for the 5+ crowd- my 3 year old got lost a few times, but he’ll grow into it.  I like how there is a lesson taught without being preachy- and I find T to be quirky and funny. 
I like that each of the books written by CJ Connolly and illustrated by Lisa Adams include Wil and Fritz.  I also like how they are all full of rhyme and sharing life lessons, again, without being preachy.  I get really annoyed and cranky when books seem preachy- and honestly?  Those books usually end up at goodwill or the book donation bin at the elementary school here in town.  The illustrations suit the stories quite nicely. Isn’t this such a sweet illustration?
The Boomerang teaches Wil and Fritz about how your actions have an impact, especially when taken out of anger vs. not from anger.  (I noticed the website says its a gentle introduction to the concept of karma, and I agree, but that wasn’t what popped into my head)  He learns this important lesson and T and his cousin Zed- from Australia- and learns yet again that making mistakes teaches you something.  
This book is especially fitting for where we are as a family right now, we’ve recently started going to church more and the kids, especially my oldest, are asking lots of questions about God and blessings and treating others how you want to be treated.  Really, having these books come into our house has been a blessing- they are leading into some wonderful conversations and growing opportunities with my 5 and 3 year old!
The Bad Enchilada brings Wil and Fritz to the discovery that not letting go of anger really only hurts you in the end- and  can make you feel even worse than what got you upset in the first place.  This one really hit home with my oldest.  She’s been what we call a “grumpalumpus” in our house lately and she’s not been feeling great all around.  I honestly think reading this book together and discussing it helped!!
I have to tell you, I really liked these books before I read them.  I just had a feeling I’d love them, and I do.  I love them even more having read about how Crosswinds Press came to be, and why Ms. Connolly decided to write this series of books- there’s proposed to be 10 in all.  She’s writing them for her grandchildren, and I think that is such a beautiful, amazing gift for her to give to each of her grandchildren- and to other children.  There are so, so many books on the market- but knowing the reason behind such wonderfully written books makes me adore them all the more.  
You can find any of these books at Crosswinds Press or on Amazon.com.  They even have some fun pages to color you can download from the site as well!
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I received samples of these books to facilitate my review. Opinions expressed within are my own. 

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