Everyday Uses Rock and Card Set Giveaway from Education Insights


My kids are really in to science this summer, and who am I to deny them opportunities to expand their knowledge?   I am constantly on the lookout for science related games and activites.  I’m not always the most creative when it comes to thinking up new activities so I frequently turn to online webstores for suggestions.  I was absolutely thrilled to review another great item from Educational Insights.  Our go-to site for all things educational and FUN!

Today I am reviewing the Everyday Uses Rock and Card Set.  This is a really cool rock and mineral identification set.  Although my little guy is only 5, this set definitely appeals to his sense of curiosity and investigation.  

Item Description:

“Identify various rocks and minerals and correlate them to their real-life uses with this hands-on rock and card set. Each double-sided card features a photo of a rock in the set, pictures of the way it is used in everyday life, and fun, kid-friendly facts.”
  • Includes 12 rocks, storage tray, and 12 6″W x 9″H double-sided cards
  • Teaches natural resources
  • Correlated to state science standards
  • You can check out the Everyday Uses Rock and Card Set here.
    Ages 8-12
    Retail $29.99
    This set includes the following rocks and minerals:  Bauxite, Graphite, Pyrolusite, Coal, Halite, Sphalerite, Dolomite, Malachite, Sulfur, Feldspar, Marble and Talc.  The rocks are packaged in order as they appear on the inside lid.  There is a set of 12 stickers with the mineral names.  The stickers can be applied to the smoothest part of the rock or mineral.  Each rock comes with an information card describing it’s uses, facts, where it is found and fun activities.

    My Impressions:

    Although this set is intended for children aged 8+, my 5 year old really enjoyed it.  I sat down with him and we placed the correct stickers on each rock, then reviewed the names of the rocks.  He was very interested in the fact cards and wanted to read each one, matching it with the correct sample.  We even did some of the fun activities, which were great for his age.  The Pyrolusite card activity involves passing the rock back and forth between your hands to get them dirty.  He loved that!

    For older children or for teachers using this activity in the classroom, EI has provided a handy worksheet with multiple choice answers.  This sheet is reproduceable and can be found here.  This is one of the great advantages of ordering from Educational Insights.  They often provide extra materials that can be used at home or in the classroom for further learning.

    This is a really versatile activity that can be catered to younger and older children.  I am sure that we will have ours for years to come.  I am looking forward to adapting the activities in this set to fit my child’s needs.   

    One very lucky reader will win their very own Everyday Uses Rock and Card Set!

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