>Fall(ing) From Fashion

>I guess I should have called this post I fell from fashion.  It’s Back to School time and I’ve been organizing the kids’ clothes, seeing what they need and don’t need for school this fall.  We also just got a whole bunch of new tops and shoes for my husband.  But me?  The Mama who loves her bargains?  I’m the last one on my list to keep up to date.  And oh, does it show, and how.

I used to try a lot more to be ‘in style’ and keep my clothes from looking too dated.  Then I became a mom, and like many other moms, put myself last.  Fast forward 5 years- 5 pregnancies, 3 children, the illness and death of my mom and I’ve gained a LOT of weight- and the thought of buying clothing that fits makes me so frustrated with myself that I continue to wear things that are ill-fitting or just wayyyyyyyyyy out of date because I don’t WANT to buy larger clothing.  (Yet…I’m not doing my exercise stuff that I need to do -and WANT to do to be healthy!)

So I will admit here, to you, my lovely (and likely better-dressed) readers: I wear the mom uniform. I  can’t even say I rock the mom uniform, but I wear it.  I think I need an intervention (local friends are you reading this?  HELP please!!).  I’m not even sure that Stacy and Clinton would know what to do with me at this point.    No lie.

I have started taking steps to make myself a priority- and along those lines, at least my hair is now stylish and fashionable again.  Not like the asymmetrical disaster of the winter of 1987-88.  (NO, there will not be photos shared.  I believe there is just one and it’s hopefully long since been destroyed.  No one should be subjected to viewing such atrocities!!) With the hair, I’ve  been taking the time to do even just a quick tinted moisturizer and mascara most days.  I got into a good workout groove in March.  I then fell out of the workout groove, fell off the exercise bandwagon, and apparantly joined the “non exercise gypsy band” that was passing by at the same time.  I can’t even say I have fashionable workout wear.  One day I will but today is not that day.  Tomorrow isn’t going to be that day, either.  Maybe by Christmastime?

I WANT to be (sort of) fashionable.  (Note to self: no matter how much you enjoyed the comfort of overalls, they were never flattering and will not ever BE flattering so do.not.buy.them.again).  I am not saying I feel like I need to be rockin’ whateverbootsareinstylerightnow and skinny jeans (omg no way not with a 28″ inseam!!) but at least look moderately up to date.  (I just finally donated 3 pair of Doc Martens to goodwill from pre-pg days.  My feet will not ever be shrinking back to that size, I can now say with certainty.  Plus does anyone actually wear those anymore? )

I fell from fashion.  Someone pass a mama a ladder to climb back up!!

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