Girl Frenzy Designs Address Stamp Giveaway

You already know I LOVE personalized things.  I’ve not told you but I’ve always wanted an address stamp.  I love my labels, but there is just something about a stamp that has always made me want one- and of course, with today’s world, there are a billion options and colors and shapes and sizes…Lucky for me I met Girl Frenzy Designs and she sent me one of these stamps. I am very proud of myself, in honor of my husband I opted for the bright blue instead of the pink for the ink color.  Thoughtful, aren’t I? I didn’t want it *too* girlie, although I can’t imagine him ever picking up a polka dot anything by choice to use it.  That’s ok.  I’ll keep my stamp.  I’ve actually sent 4-5 notes since I got this stamp just so I could use it on mail!  The design makes me feel happy and the way I see things, if you are going to send something in the mail, why not put your “stamp” on them and make them your own?!
There are tons of options for the stamps- from the design, the font, what you want it to say, the ink colors- its amazing what is available to leave your mark on the world (and if you’d rather be understated and subtle, well, she’s got a great selection of more traditional stamps as well.
Girl Frenzy Designs isn’t just a shop to find really fun and funky, unique or sophisticated address stamps- you can also find all kinds of personalized stationary items (which I have some of too and adore) and more. Why NOT put your mark on things? I love all of the options and Sunny, the owner of Girl Frenzy Designs, is an absolute doll and a lovely woman who is really easy to get hold of, responsive to questions or concerns, and has great quality product she stands behind.
Not only is she all kinds of awesome but she’s also offered to send one of her super fun address stamps to one of MY readers!! LUCKY YOU!!
This is a Rafflecopter giveaway so you don’t need to leave your entries in comments – just the form. Happy entering and good luck!! Well worth it!!

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  • I like the plastic cups. I am thinking about talking to my sons football team about getting some made for the team or maybe using them as a fund raiser! I am so excited! I love the stamps though!
  • I like the address stamp STA 117.
  • Wow...tough call on the "what else do I like" thing! I've (sort of) narrowed it down to the Just For Fun notepad and the Gingerbread stamp. :)
  • These are sooo cute! I hope I win! I am going to check out her selection now! Thanks for the review and giveaway!

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