GoodNites Bed Mats Help Boost Kids’ Confidence

There’s a phase for many kids between being potty trained and being dry at night.  For some kids, it’s a short time, for others, a really long time.  The older kids get, the less they want to have to wear absorbent pants of any kind- and I can’t say I blame them.  My littlest one has bedwetting accidents at night- and I’d be fine with her in pullups for a while but she wants to be a “big kid” and be in underwear at night. I can either let her sleep in pullups and have a battle of wills every.single.night or I can find a solution that works for both of us.  I don’t know about you but this isn’t a battle I want to choose- so I’ve found a solution that offers a compromise.  GoodNites Bed Mats let HER be a “big kid” and me not have a dirty load of bedding to wash several mornings per week. The Bed Mats are sized to fit under where your child sleeps- a generous size but not so big it covers the whole mattress.  There are 4 large sticky tabs that peel off and give a really good grip on your mattress or sheet to keep the bed nice and dry.  They offer a nice solution for sleepovers, travel, and more.  It’s easy to quickly get one of these mats on, and they don’t make a noticeable sound when you move on top of them so your child won’t have to worry that others may “hear” and “know” that they have a mat underneath.  I didn’t do a lot of sleepovers as a kid because I had so many accidents and I would hate for my kid or others to miss out just for that reason.  This way, everyone wins.

goodnites bed mats boost confidence

You can see the Bed Mats outline by her little hand (and yes, we do sleep in fashionable accessories in our house!) under her sheet.

Helpful for parents- less laundry.  My little one just wants to be a big kid, and does not want to sleep in pullups or any kind of absorant pant at night.  The Bed Mats allow her to sleep in undies and me to not have to wash her bed sheets every day of the week. With the Bed Mats, it isn’t a battle of wills.  She can do her undies, I can save my laundry sanity.  When we went to Boston last week, I just tucked a few Bed Mats in my bag for nights, and didn’t have to worry about her having an accident in a hotel bed.  I love these mats. There’s no laundry, they are easy to use, easy to clean up, and with a coupon, they don’t cost a ton.  Very convenient, very easy- and a very good compromise.

Helpful for kids-  They have the confidence of the mat just in case, but aren’t stuck wearing asborbant pants or having a rubber sheet.  It’s not fun to be “older” and still having accidents- this I know, because *I* was still having accidents well into 4th grade. My little one is 100% fine with the bed mat on her sheet, as long as she doesn’t have to wear “baby” diapers to bed.  She doesn’t have accidents daily, and if this saves from a huge battle at bedtime each night, I’m all for it.

GoodNites Bed Mats have been so popular that over 50,000 American Shoppers voted and chose these at the 2013 Product of the Year in the Children’s Products Category! That’s saying a lot! I can see why- easy to use, discreet for kids, and a great way for kids to have a little more confidence at bedtime.  You can read more about the award in this Parade article that was released recently and also download a $1.00 coupon for GoodNites.

Huggies Confidence Booster Kit GoodNites Bed Mats

I received a prize pack in exchange for my post. Opinions are my own. 

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  • These are very handy, thanks!
  • These would be perfect for those little accidents that happen and when sleeping at Grandma's house. Thanks for the opportunity. Carol L
  • my daughter still has accidents so these would be awesome to have
  • this site is great we all need to save money
  • My little guy is partially potty trained and this would be awesome!
  • I am at this stage with my youngest son. I would love to move away from pull-ups! This sounds like the solution.
  • What a nice gift. My two yr old will start potty training soon.
  • I was seriously just looking at these at the store two nights ago. My 4 year old son is still having some accidents at night and we were using the goodnite underwear but now that we have a new baby who is wearing diapers my 4 year old doesn't want to wear them anymore so I was looking at these goodnite mats. I wasn't sure if I should spend the money on them or not, wasn't sure how comfortable they would be... I would love to give them a try for my son!

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