>Holiday Card time again…

>You know, every year I get these grand ideas in my mind about what our holiday card will look like.  I won’t lie to you, my secret dream (that will never, EVER come true) is coordinating family outfits…the dog and cat might even be included in that.  (I draw the line with the fish…)  Seriously.  You know, the matching sweaters in varying colors for each of us?  I see those photos in magazines and I feel green with envy.  It won’t ever happen, but its a dream….

This is a photo of my kids on Easter this year.  If they were older, and weren’t young enough that their features change so very much from April until December, it would, indeed, be our Christmas card this year.  I’m sure they’ll hate me for it one day but I just find it hilarious.  My three year old was explaining to me this morning that he’d been crying because he wanted to hold the baby for the picture.  Yes, it hangs on the fridge.

Seriously, though.  How funny would it be with a caption like “I hope your year was better than ours” or “Santa’s not coming this year”  (hee hee, I made it into a card on Purple Trail- Click here to see it!)
I know, you are probably all thinking I’m twisted.  I swear I’m not.  I do have normal, and even some amazing photos of the kids.  This one just cracks me up.  Especially my now 5 year old practically rolling her eyes at the situation.  
I don’t think Mr. Bargains would be thrilled with a humorous card.  He’s not sold on the holiday card thing anyway- but I come from a long line of excessive holiday card senders and its a tradition I embrace.

I recently heard about Purple Tail, a site where you can make personalized holiday  cards.   There are so many ways to make your cards personalized- here are 5 I am thinking of:

1.  Family Photo(s)
2. Scan favorite artwork and use as a photo on the card (hmm. inspiring myself…)
3. Get a caricature of your family, and scan THAT in for your family card. 
4. Choose a background for a card (from a place like Purple Tail) that echos something your family loves- if you love hiking, choose a nature background…
5. Let your personality shine through.  Have some fun with this.  Are you crafty?  Incorporate crafts into your photo.  If you love to knit, have yarn in the photo- be silly and have it tangled, or be subtle and have it off center.  Don’t like matchy?  Be sure to have everyone clash with one another.  
6. You can also incorporate the old “holiday letter” concept but with short blurbs as part of the card- “We survived our first year as parents, the baby didn’t eat too much dog food,  the dog didn’t eat the ornaments and lights from the tree! How was your year?”

 I am participating in a giveaway for PurpleTrail.com and it makes me eligible for a PurpleTrail gift code.  Find more contest information here.

About the author: I’m a 30-something mom to three, brand ambassador. content creator, social media maven, blogger extraordinaire, earth lover, butcher, baker, candlestick maker (or something along those lines) – love word games, crafting, cake decorating or shooting pictures.

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  • >I remember a boo hoo face like that's it's in a picture of me and my sister. She was 5 and she had a face like that because she didn't get to hold my birthday cake up for the picture to be taken. This is a great photo of your children, I don't think you're twisted.
  • >if I got a card like that in the mail, it would be my favorite one! I'd laugh my butt off every time I saw it.
  • >following you from 10 Talents, PLEASE follow me today if you can, I am trying to get to 300 GFC followers and I am just 4 away from my goal!!www.dixiedivadeals.blogspot.comhow cute - you should see my card! I took the only one I had of my daughter where she wasn't wiping her nose on her dress and just had them use that one.
  • >aww that is so sweet, he wanted to hold the baby lol. Yer right, that would be an awesome card. I would still use it!thank you for following my blog. I sm following you back!

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