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This post is sponsored by Boudreaux’s Butt Paste®, the effective diaper rash cream that treats and prevents diaper rash with every change. Let’s kick some rash!

If there is one thing that parents can ALL agree upon, it might be that diaper rash is not fun at all.  Not for the baby, and not for the parents or caregivers.  Sure, treatment methods may vary, but ultimately? If you find a diaper rash treatment that works for your child, you stick with it.  Always.  I know for me, once I knew what worked for my babies’ skin, there wasn’t much that could persuade me to try other products, brands, etc.  Having seen my little ones’ sore tushies and feeling like I wasn’t able to help them feel better wasn’t something I wanted to mess around with.

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste was a brand I tried for diaper rash treatment because the name caught my attention.  It’s a brand I love and use even today because it works great on my kids.  I still love the name.

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My kids all had diaper rashes, but my daughter’s first diaper rash was the most memorable.  I was so diligent about changing her frequently, and keeping her clean and as dry as possible, and like many diaper rashes, started as just a hint of redness on her diaper area.  I patted her dry and put a small amount of cream on her.  An hour later, I changed her diaper again. I was very surprised at how red her diaper area was even after I’d used a little bit of cream. This time, I decided we’d do some naked time on a blanket, and I let her “air” for a few minutes. I applied cream much more liberally after this and diapered her again, making a mental note to check her again in an hour.  Thankfully, things didn’t get worse, and a few days of applying diaper cream liberally had her good as new.  Other rashes we have had have been far worse,  thankfully only a handful of them- most were about the same.  I’ve tried to have quality diaper creams in the house that help to soothe tender skin and provide a barrier to wetness to keep that baby skin from getting worse and letting it heal. Like I said before, Boudreaux’s Butt Paste has always been a favorite brand to Kick some RASH! with!

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