Kids Frugal Fun: Saint Patrick’s Day Learning Wheel

Every week, MomonDealz brings us a  kids craft that is fun, educational, and frugal. Since St. Patrick’s Day is this weekend I used pictures with this holiday’s symbols; however, this craft can easily be altered to be for any holiday (check out the educational activities at the bottom for ideas)! If you’ve missed any previous crafts, check out Momondealz’s Kids Frugal Fun page.

St. Patrick’s Day Learning Wheel

Cardboard Box
Construction Paper
Clip Art Pictures or Crayons/Markers


1. Draw and cut a circle from the cardboard box.

2. Cover the circle with white construction paper and glue it onto the cardboard.
3. Divide the circle into equal parts by drawing lines.

4. Find pictures or words and put one inside of each section of the learning wheel (I found my clipart here).

5. Label clothespin with the beginning letter of each word and have your child label them.

Educational Activities:

  • Language Arts: We used this board for beginning sounds but you can also alter it for synonyms, antonyms, matching lower and upper case letters, etc.
  • Math: Put different numbers of pictures inside each section and put the corresponding number on the clothespins and have your child match them. You can also put math equations and the answers and have your child match those.
  • Science: Label each section with different animals and label the clothespins with the habitat they can be found.
  • Social Studies/History: Label each section with contributions from famous people and label each clothespin with the famous names for your child to match.

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  • I love this idea, easy peasy. I will be doing this with the kids especially since I have Irish in my background. This is a good learning tool!
  • Love it. Thank you for sharing.
  • What a fun and frugal way to learn and celebrate St. Patrick's Day!
  • this is really cute. i learned some things this past wk regarding st. patty's day. he was an english lord or royalty, kidnapped when he was a child, went back to england. in ireland, they dont eat cornbeef and cabbage, it is an american thing.
  • This is a wonderful idea! Both fun and educational :)
  • Nice craft idea, and can be modified for other holidays :)
  • What a great idea, it can be used for a variety of ages too! Thanks!
  • I love this idea... it looks easy which is great because I am soooo not crafty!
  • I love this! Thanks for sharing!

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