Kids Frugal Fun: Valentine’s Day! (THREE Crafts inside!)

Every week MomonDealz brings us a kids craft that is fun, educational, and frugal. This week’s craft(s) are all about Valentine’s Day! She has included 3 crafts-one for a teacher gift, one for a kids Valentine’s treat, and one for a grandparent’s card

Grandparent’s Card:

The caption says “Grandparents hold our tiny hands for a short time, but our hearts forever.”

Construction paper or card stock
Pen or Computer

1. Paint your child’s hand (I have found this to be the easiest way to cover the whole hand).

2. Have them put their hand prints in a heart shape on the paper. We actually used both children’s hands for this craft so it could truely be from the “grandkids”.
3. Draw a heart around the hands and write or type a meaningful message at the bottom.
4. We also glued our hand print page to a red page to make it look a little “fancier”.

Teacher Gift:

Binder clip
Hot glue gun


1. Measure and cut a piece of colored card stock to fit around the black part of the binder clip.
2. Hot glue the card stock onto the clip.
3. Create a cute label with your computer or simply by writing and cutting one.

4. Hot glue the label to one side of the clip.
5. Insert highlighter or other teacher supply item to coincide with your quote.

Kids Goldfish Valentine (adapted from an idea I originally saw on Pinterest)

Simply fill a reclosable bag with goldfish and attach a label with a catchy or “fishy” phrase! Our says “Wishing you an O-fish-al Happy Valentine’s Day!”

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Educational Activities:

  • Hand print card: Have your child dictate the words to use on the card. If they are old enough, have them actually write the words and draw the heart. If you use different children to create the handprints you can measure the different sizes and discuss other differences in the prints.
  • Teacher gift: Use a tape measure to measure the clip in order to cut the paper. Have your child dictate or create the little sign to attach.
  • Goldfish Valentine: Have your child estimate how many goldfish will fit inside the bag and then have them count them to check their estimation. Use leftover fish to create math problems, or glue on paper to create pictures (this works on fine motor skills). You can also have your child trace the goldfish as well.

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