>Lingerie Bags- not just for lingerie!

>I was thinking earlier today as I put our tub toys into one of my lingerie bags, how much I use these, and almost never for actual lingerie. I use lingerie bags so often that sometimes I think I should look into buying stock.


Well, my journey into using lingerie bags started in late June of 2005, and we’d just moved into our home where we are now. We’d carefully set aside some of the monies from the sale of our previous home to buy a front loading washer/dryer set, and it was finally delivery day. Two very burly, manly men came to deliver the set, and while one was filling out paperwork , the other kindly said to me, eyeing my belly that was sticking out about 2 feet from my body, “Do you use lingerie bags frequently?”

I blushed, about eleventy-billion shades of red. Um, excuse me? Say wha, stranger man?

He kind of chuckled, and said to me, his wife realized soon after their first baby was born, that lingerie bags keep teeny tiny baby socks from getting lost…and the little mittens so they don’t scratch their faces.

What a GREAT idea, I thought, and being the good girl on modified bed rest that I was, headed to Target instead of to the couch. I HAD to have lingerie bags before the baby came. I didn’t want to lose a tiny sock, not me!!

I came home with three kinds. Please don’t tell my husband. He doesn’t know how many I bought that first day.

They ARE great for baby sock washing. They are also great for baby and little girl tights, so they don’t wrap around other laundry.

But you can also use them for tub toy storage, which means they all dry quickly and kids can see where their favorite tub toys are. When its time to wash the tub toys, you just zip the bag closed, and none get lost. I wash my tub toys in the dishwasher in the top rack.

I also wash those little toy links for baby/toddler toys in lingerie bags.

My favorite thing to use lingerie bags for is legos. Let’s face it, kids are germy. The top rack of my dishwasher has seen legos many, many times!! None fall out or get loose in the dishwasher with a lingerie bag.

I also use lingerie bags for beach toys. Sand usually falls out through the holes as we walk back to our car, decreasing the amount of sand that we bring home. The bags keep everything all together so when its time to go to the beach, we just grab the bag and go, instead of scrambling around looking for toys.

Of course, lingerie is occasionally washed in lingerie bags. 

Have you found other uses for products like I have?  Share them!  I love discovering helpful tips!!

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  • >I will turn my sister on to this site as she as four children and would love the advice
  • >oh my goodness. you are amazing. I never thought of the bath toys!! Gotta run to target! :)
  • >Nice to find you and I love using the bags for anything but laundry!

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