Make your spring cleaning simpler with Fish Foam window cleaner

I haven’t made a confession to you all in a while, so I think it’s time. I might be the world’s worst window cleaner.  Ever, in the history of windows. I’ve never cleaned a window without leaving streaks or marks behind.  Even when I’m thinking “This time, I nailed it!”  the evidence shows up within a day or so, usually when we’re driving down the road and the sun shines on that streaky glass as if it was being highlighted.  I’ve tried everything. Store bought sprays, wipes, microfiber, used newspaper, made my own sprays….this mama does NOT love washing windows.

fish window cleaning

One brand I have not tried but am very much hoping to try soon is Fish Foam Window Cleaner.  Why? Well, for starters, it’s foam.  Foam is fun.  But foam also kind of stays where you put it longer than a spray so maybe it’ll help me to…you know.  Not leave streaks. Or residue. Or both.  It’s got a great reputation that precedes it, judging from reviews I’ve seen on other blogs and by happy customers.

Fish Foam is a product used by the professionals at Fish Window Cleaning.

When was the last time you cleaned your windows? If you are embarrassed by your response, we can help you do something about it.

Fish Foam’s bold red cans contain a bold, effective glass cleaner formula with bold, noticeable results. Nationwide, home and business owners are using this professional grade cleaner to make their windows and surfaces sparkle. It’s the best cleaner for:

  • ·         Windows, including stained glass & double hung windows
  • ·         Mirrors
  • ·         Windshields, windows & sunroofs on all types of cars
  • ·         Cubicle glass panels and partitions
  • ·         Exterior surfaces of appliances
  • ·         Countertops
  • ·         Fixtures
  • ·         And more!

Fish Foam eliminates drips and rundowns. Surfaces that haven’t been cleaned in years will shine. Hard to remove fingerprints will disappear. You won’t want to use any other glass cleaner once you’ve tried Fish Foam.

Shipping is currently at an all-time low discounted rate of $5 per package. It can be ordered online at or

fish foam 3 pack

One Continental US reader will win a 3-pack of Fish Foam glass cleaner!
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  • Sounds interesting , would like to try
  • looks like good glass cleaner
  • This looks like some good glass cleaner.I'm not a good window washer either. It would nice to have something that did the cleaning where I couldn't mess up.LOL! Thank you for the cool giveaway! :)
  • Great giveaway. thanks you.

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