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I have someone I’d like  you to meet.  To be honest, I’d like to meet her too…and I hope that I get the chance one day.  Her name is Laura Tellado, and she’s kind of amazing.  She’s a blogger, like me.  And a woman.  Also like me.  But Laura’s also spoken at many conferences and is an activist for Spina Bifida, promoting education and awareness about living with the condition.

Laura Tellado is a Latina journalist, model, and activist and she chronicles her life with Spina Bifida.  She’s bringing awareness to the condition, and helping to raise funds in many ways.  She’s been featured in various media and has spoken at many conferences about her life journeys.  She’s a beautiful, talented young woman who blogs bilingually and devotes her time to raising awareness.  Laura Tellado is definitely a Woman Who Shines!

Laura’s also a model.  She’s been featured in print and on screen.  She writes three sites, one of which is bilingual.  She’s Latina.  She’s funny and engaging in her writing.  I read her post about some modeling she got to do at BlogHer this year and by the end of the post, I was feeling elation right along with her!

She’s also living with Spina Bifida herself, and Laura chronicles her life with this condition- on Holdin’ Out for a Hero.

Vote for Laura as one of Yahoo’s Women Who Shine!

To celebrate some of the amazing women in our communities, Yahoo! Shine is celebrating these women with the Women Who Shine 2012 contest-a contest that you and I can nominate the women who shine most in our own lives. There are eight categories of Women Who Shine: teacher, healer, mother, entrepreneur, activist, athlete, public service, and survivor. The winner from each category will get a $250 prize plus a feature article on Yahoo! Shine, and the grand prize winner will receive a $10,000 prize!

Here at Shine, we want to celebrate the women out there who are blazing new trails, touching lives or are just being amazing every single day. Help us give these women the recognition they deserve by nominating someone in your community who is doing something extraordinary. The woman who receives the most overall votes will receive a $10,000 cash prize (great prizes are available for runners-up too). Check out our current Women Who Shine nominees and vote for your favorites.
Yahoo! Shine wants to celebrate the women in your social circles who are blazing new trails, changing lives, and doing extraordinary things every day.  Help give these inspiring women the recognition they deserve by nominating them for Women Who Shine.  The woman who receives the most votes by the end of the program will win a $10,000 cash prize* (see terms and conditions) (!

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  • She definitely sounds amazing! Great nomination 🙂

  • Wow she sounds like an amazing woman… I wish the world were full of ppl like her!

  • She sounds like a fantastic person and I can see why you nominated her. Good luck to her!

  • Oh what a wonderful tribute to Laura! She sounds amazing. I’m off to check out more about her and the Women Who Shine contest.

  • Wow, I can’t believe I just now read this post!! You’re amazing, Brett. I’m at once honored and humbled by your beautiful tribute.

    You’re right– I’m absolutely passionate about the Spina Bifida cause, and I think the need for public awareness is the one thing that has propelled me to put myself “out there.” It’s not about me, but about the thousands of others who are living– not necessarily suffering– but living, struggling, and triumphing with this condition.

    Thank you SO MUCH for offering to tell my story. YOU ROCK!!


    • Aw, thanks for the kind words, Laura!!

  • Such an amazing person! She is a great nomination.

  • Such an amazing woman who is going above and beyond even with a serious disease. Great choice for a nomination!

  • What a great choice for a nominee. I’m glad she’s such a spokesperson for Spina Bifida. She rocks!

  • What an awesome woman! Thank you for sharing her story and nominating her!

  • Laura sounds like an amazing woman! I love this program and being able to bring light to so many outstanding women in our community!

  • What an amazing person! To have Spina bifida and she is a real champion raising awareness for the condition!
    Just reading about Laura Tellado inspired me to be stronger, and to not let petty things get me down!


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