Quest for Zhu (DVD) Party! (Giveaway)

We’ve been partying like rockstars around here of late!!  That’s ok- any excuse for a celebration is a good one, and the ZhuZhu pets are beloved play friends of all three of my children, so naturally when I asked if they’d be interested in watching Quest for Zhu on DVD they were very excited.

I don’t mind Zhu Zhu pets- I think they are cute, fun, and when you read about them, you realize there’s some great messages in the Zhu Zhu stories.  I wasn’t expecting a ton from a feature film focused on the Zhu Zhu pets, but I knew the kids would like seeing their playthings on the screen.  After a few minutes I realized that there was going to be a story that had depth and drew viewers in, and decided to focus more on the movie than my typical multi-tasking during movies.  I’m glad I did. 

Lots of great messages in this film, and the Zhu Zhu friends learn that they each have their own special talent- and when they work together, they end up succeeding.  I love happy endings, and like most kid movies, this one has a happy ending too, but it also has some action and excitement to keep interest piqued and the story follows through some good scenes before that happy ending.  You can’t help but feel a little warm and fuzzy as the friends discover their strengths and realize they can work together to pull through things.

We had an early screening of this film with a few pals, complete with fun Zhu Zhu figurines, movie posters and fun and delicious Twizzlers candy to make our party complete!  The kids thought it was a blast, they all enjoyed the movie, and when it was over we took out all of our collection of Zhu Zhu pets and let the kids chase them around since they were wired from eating  Twizzlers!!  That was fun to watch (and would have been fun to record but I totally spaced that…)

One of my readers will win a copy of Quest for Zhu on DVD!

I received a party pack from Mom Select in exchange for this post.  All opinions are my own.

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